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4 SEO Tips Everyone Should Know

You can find a lot of SEO tips online ranging from beginner knowledge to advanced expertise. You may or may not understand all of those tips, but there are some very basic tips that you must understand. These are just four of the basic SEO tips everyone with a website should know and understand very well.

#1: Keyword density does matter to on-site SEO.

If you put too few keywords into your web pages, you will struggle to get them recognized and correctly categorized by the search engines. If you put too many keywords in you could be considered a spammer and your site could lose rank as the search engines believe you are bakersfield seo not offering valuable content. This leaves website designers with the task of striking that delicate balance where the keywords are well recognized by the search engines and noticeable on the page without being a nuisance.

The keywords basically have to be there without overshadowing the valuable content on the page. The rules on how much is too much continue to change and you can get away with much lower densities today than you could in the past, but this is still something to keep your eye on for every web page you create.

It helps to start by creating the content fresh and allowing the keywords to fall where they naturally fall. You can then go back and deal with the density you want for each keyword.

#2: Less popular keywords can often be more profitable than super competitive keywords.

Most websites will target a keyword or two that is highly competitive, but that doesn’t mean those keywords will be the big money-earners for the site. Often, playing up secondary keywords that aren’t as popular with searchers can lead to more profits over time. This is because it is much easier to rank highly for the less competitive keywords.

Ranking high for many secondary keywords related to the main keyword can bring more attention to the website than one very competitive website. Ideally, the secondary keywords will bring faster results while the main keyword kicks in over time as ranking picks up in the more competitive market.

#3: Using improper spelling of your keywords can do more damage than good.

Many web designers and marketers will target misspellings of a popular keyword if there is a good amount of search traffic for the misspelled versions. This can be good and bad. You can win over a little more traffic, but there will be more people visiting your site who notice those misspellings and get turned off. If the entire site misspells the word then you look uneducated about your topic. If it is only misspelled on certain pages or in particular sections then it looks like sloppy writing.

One of the cardinal sins of creating website content is to feature text riddled with inaccuracies, grammatical errors, and misspelled words. It’s best not to do it on purpose just to win a small amount of traffic. In many cases, you risk turning away more traffic than you pull in.

#4: Keyword variations are valuable for SEO purposes.

One effective way to keep the keyword density reasonable on a given page is to use variations of the keyword throughout the page. For instance, rather than using “white gold wedding bands” over and over you can use variations like “gold wedding bands” and “white gold bands.”

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