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It is believed to be as simple as picking six numbers , and looking for the most favorable. The issue with this strategy is that it is an unproven system to try to win in a challenging scenario. The truth is, lottery numbers don’t come from random, and your method for selecting numbers should not be either. However, that’s not all. It’s quite shocking to see that nearly everyone who plays lotto has no idea how to leverage the odds to their advantage. Even if you believe that the numbers are totally random, the chances of winning the jackpot or smaller cash prize will never change so long as the exact amount of numbers are on the drum.

Constant Odds

The odds are just over 120 million to one in winning the lottery in 53 numbers Powerball game in which players Thai Lottery VIP Sure Number must choose 5 numbers and the powerball correctly. The odds won’t change for as long as the rules are the same. When a ball gets subtracted or added, chances change in a flash. However, the amount of money won varies between one week and the next. It’s usually the case that an initial jackpot of $30 million rolls over to become $200 million within a few weeks. This is an everyday occurrence since the jackpot is rarely won.

Spread Your Cash Unevenly

With this in mind, one has to ask the question what is the motivation behind people insisting on taking the same risk of money with the same chances of winning a variable jackpot? The majority of lottery players will spend the same amount of money on tickets every week. When there is an amount of $20 million in jackpots and they pay $20 for tickets, and when there’s an $120 million jackpot, they will do the same. In the previous example it is the case that the player who plays the lottery is in the same position of winning in both draws however, the winnings are six times higher with the bigger jackpot.

Avoid falling into this trap your betting strategy. Over an eight week period, instead of spending the $160 evenly, purchase more tickets when the jackpot is greater. If one ticket can give you an odds of 120 million to one chance of winning, five tickets offer you a chance to win 24 million in one chance. Naturally, this doesn’t inspire confidence but every little can be helpful! The bigger jackpots also offer higher payouts for drawing three or four numbers.

So instead of following the hackneyed and flawed normal approach of the masses follow the easy tip above to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

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