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Starting Your own Company Part time Can lead to Full time Financial Freedom

Most people know that in order to become financially independent they have to work for themselves. Being self employed leads to financial stability, more free time and ultimately wealth. And if you believe that i have a great bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to show you because I’m looking to sell it.

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Seriously though, if you think for one minute Exipure. that dealing in the pyramid of corporate America is ever going to get you where you want to be financially, you’re leading yourself to financial disaster and you are blindly leading yourself there with your eyes wide open. Job security is a thing of the past, downsizing and outsourcing are going to start taking over more American jobs and the addition of machines doing things like pouring soda’s at fast food places will begin to eliminate the even minimum wage part time jobs people get to help pay the bills.

How do you plan to account for your future. Are you going to be retiring from one job to get another job to supliment your lack of income you worked so many years for. Or, maybe you are counting on social security to allow you to travel the world. You’ll be lucky to have enough to pay your bills and feed yourself from social security if that’s your plan. You could just keep playing the lottery and hope that one day you will hit it big and when that doesn’t happen you could always rely on your family to help you. But since they will likely be in a similar situation it’s unlikely they will be able to help you out.

So what is your average hard working American worker looking to live the American dream supposed to do. The same thing I started talking about in the beginning of this article. You have to own your own business and you have to leverage the time and efforts of others to afford you the time to actually enjoy the process of working for yourself. Most people though, even after the realization that what they are doing is not working for them, they are just working for someone else’s dream, will do nothing. Few will do something and even less will do exactly what it takes to reach the level of financial independence they ultimately desire. Which is why in america the rich are getting richer and the poor are still getting poorer. 97% of the population of America work for 3% of America and the 3% make all the money. Last thing I want to ask you is this. Would you rather have 1% of 100 peoples efforts of 100% of just yours.

The truly realistic people who read this article will understand that they must do something. But what do you do? If you don’t know what to do or where to begin you may not do anything. That’s the worst thing to do in any situation. When you know you have to do something, don’t sit and do nothing. So get started building a company in your part time hours and don’t think that working another job is the answer, not even for a second.

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