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I spend a lot of time attending my seminars and workshops as well as on the phone and by email, discussing the topic of organizing homework. Actually, I spend many hours hearing parents say that their children’s homework disorganization is driving everybody crazy!

A lot of students have such a tough coming up with a plan that when they finally sit down to finish their work, they do my homework are exhausted. No wonder they don’t want to do it! Being organized can help ease stress, bad attitude or procrastination. It will also help reduce the risk of rebellious.

Homework organization just simplifies the lives of everyone.

These are the home organization techniques I have used as a teacher, student and parent. Print this list , and then read it with your children. Put it up on the refrigerator and keep it handy to ensure that everyone (parents children, babysitters, parents and grandparents) will be on the same organized page.

At School:

  • Make a note of every single homework task in one spot. This is why I strongly recommend using a bound or wire notebook. It is not a loose leaf binder. It doesn’t matter how diligent you are, some pages will disappear, and what? You won’t know what to do and the best time to take action! A plain notebook is fine however, a timebook or calendar is the best. Some schools offer these to students. Utilize it.
  • Write down homework assignments as you get them. This is typically for older students who switch classes and teachers, but it’s a good habit for everyone. If your teacher says, “Oh, tonight I require students to go through Chapter 4” record it within your diary.
  • Record every deadline for every paper or project, even if there is an outline or handout. Handouts go away (I believe they are tossed out in loose socks), but you will be able to know what you need to take care of and what time you should do it in the event that you have everything written down in your homework notebook.
  • You should keep all your homework assignments of the day in one spot. You don’t need a specific place or page for math, another for writing and so on. You’d like to have everything in one spot.
  • Check your homework notebook Three (3) times a day: Before you leave school (or each class) make sure to double-check to make sure that you have everything (books and papers, tools, etc.) that you’ll need later on.

at Home

  • Before you begin working on your homework review your notebook and be sure that you’re writing the right task, on the correct page, etc.
  • Before you put everything away You should take a second look. Did you get everything done? Good!
  • Choose where you’ll place the homework you have completed: in a binder pocket, a separate homework folder and so on. You can decide to make the folders colored according to class. If you decide to use folders it is strongly suggest using three hole punched folders and putting them inside a binder that has three rings. No matter what you pick do not forget to stick to it! Make sure you don’t keep your homework in binder today, and then an organizer tomorrow… and, never fold your homework into a book or throw it into your backpack! Shudder!
  • Use the Magic Homework Box. There is one in your home Do you not? It’s called the Magic Homework Box is a container that contains all the materials and supplies for homework that students require regularly. These items are only accessible out of the Magic Homework Box during homework time, so you’ll always have the items you require. Now, that’s magic!
  • Make sure to clean up your mess as soon as you’ve completed your work. Make sure you do it now and not later! Make sure you have completed your homework folderand place the folder with the homework notebook into your backpack. Not only will mornings will be less crazy, you won’t have to sit in class and worry that you did your homework and didn’t remember your homework at you home (doh!). Don’t forget to put away the dictionary as well as any other books you might have used.
  • Make sure to put everything back in Your Magic Homework Box. In my house, homework is not “done” till every single thing is cleaned up and put away.
  • Organise your backpack. Discard all candy wrappers and random scraps of paper. You should keep one pocket or area full of a few essentials (pencils, a sharpener, perhaps even a calculator) to enable you to complete your work anywhere- perhaps even before getting home! You should remove any graded test assignment, report, or paper that your teacher took the time to hand back to you. Why? It could be needed to study in preparation for a test or an portfolio or project. You can throw everything away at the conclusion of the semester or during the academic year. However, until then put each item in the appropriate subject folder, but NOT within the folder for homework. Keep in mind that homework folders are exclusively for homework that is completed and is ready to turn in!
  • Don’t give up! They say it takes 21 days to form an effective habit. If you fail to complete one of these things, don’t stop trying. If you write down all of your homework or clean up for 21 days in a row you’ll find that your dad or mom will do something extra nice for you! (Parents were giving a hint!

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