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AdSense – Can Google Pay You Millions For Your Writing?

Have you ever been through one of those days where you needed some quick cash and your bank account was less than zero or even negative like mine? To be honest, I’ve had more than my fair share of those days! But then, I realized that either complaining or crib is not going to help me out of dire straits.

It so happened that I always did well in English class, in-fact straight A’s actually. Well, I thought, why the heck cannot I give myself a chance at writing!

Of course, there was a lot of ground work that I had to do then to find out what actually pays money for my writing buy verified adwords account. People were ready to pay money for information. After doing a lot of filtering, there were two prime options that I could choose from:

I chose the second option. Welcome to the world of AdSense. If you are new to AdSense, here is the thing in a nutshell. You are selling electronic ad space to Google for them to display ads on your webpage. When people visit your web page for information, they also get to see the ads displayed. This may lead some of them to click on the ads relevant to them.

So, how does Google pay you? It’s simple. You will be paid for every ad that is clicked by the visitor of your webpage. You may also be paid by the total number of ad impressions made on your webpage. Everything is automated to such an extent that all that you need to do is to introduce a code snippet into your web page as directed by Google. Once done, you are all set and ready to go.

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