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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone in Your Work From Home Business – 4 Steps

Most people are comfortable doing what they know. They refuse to step out of their comfort zone and be challenged to learn and experience new things. Conversations will rarely be started with a stranger due to the fact that people pre judge one another and are simply afraid of offending others or making them feel uncomfortable as well. Establishing your mindset to simply step out of this comfort zone will take you a lot further in life and insure success.

Simply put, your comfort zone is what you actually feel comfortable with. Humans are creatures of habit and unfortunately, these habits become complacent. If your zone is to stay within your bubble; that Y2mate is not talking to strangers or other individuals outside of your family or direct influence, then you are missing out on your future.

Here are some simple steps to assist you in stepping out of your comfort zone.Know your limitations-Take the time to do a self analysis. This is the time to dig deep and be very honest about you. Compile two lists. The first list will be what you are comfortable with and the second will be what you are uncomfortable with. Once you have established each list, display them so that you can reflect on them daily.

Practice-Once you have established what you are uncomfortable with, make a concerted effort to at least improve on one discomfort per day. If you are an average individual, you will have at least three things that you are uncomfortable with. If talking with strangers is on your list, practice your speaking skills. Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Take note of your body language, facial expressions and the words that you use. If making a video is uncomfortable for you, get in front of the camera every day and just shoot some videos. Don’t worry if the videos are not perfect, they are there for you to see what you can do to feel more comfortable. It does not matter what you’re uncomfortable with. Taking the time to practice and improve on your skills will assist you stepping out of this zone.

Test your skills-Now that you have identified and improved on your uneasy feelings, put them to the test. Next time you go grocery shopping and pass someone in the cereal aisle, start a conversation. It does not matter what you talk about; the weather, food prices, what the person is wearing or how you are feeling that day. Keep a positive attitude in your conversation and strive to smile (no matter what your situation may be) when you are talking, and take a mental note of their reactions. Most will be surprised that you are even talking to them and eventually open up to you. In your videos, just try to speak clearly and slowly. Get to your point and then end it. Most everyone is uneasy seeing themselves on video or in pictures because that is not how they see themselves. Accept the fact of who you are.

Improvement-Make it a point to improve on your skills every day. Habits are generally fashioned within thirty days of starting them. If it becomes a habit to you, then you will feel comfortable doing it. After overcoming certain unpleasant or embarrassing feelings and making them habitual, move on to the next, and continue to improve.

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