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Web Hosting – Do You Need It?

When it comes to deciding to putting a website online, there are things that most don’t seem to think about. Web Hosting is one of them. In order to have a website you must have it hosted. Now what does this really mean?

Think of it in these terms – getting web hosting is the small as renting a home or apartment. Your new website needs to live somewhere

You are basically paying for your hosting the same way you pay your rent or mortgage each month tech web post. It is a necessity.

Web hosting, just like any apartment or house, you can get it with all the bells and whistles or with nothing at all.

It doesn’t matter at all how big or small your website will be or become, you Must have web hosting. This also gives you your own email address associated with your domain name.
In my other post/article I talked about the 6 features of hosting and what to look for, but the most important thing you must make sure your web hosting provider has is tech support. You are going to need it. Even if you know a lot about hosting and the programming end, there are times when things are just out of your control and you must speak with them.

The most important thing you need to do is research, not all web hosting companies are same and offer the same support or features. As most hosting companies do offer email addresses, and ftp access, some actually do not give you access to a cpanel or provide the greatest support.

On the web today more and more people are turning to Blogs, and for good reasons, if you wish to have a blog on your website you need to make sure that you have access to your cpanel where you can install your blog free.

I for one have been around for a long time now and have had many web hosting providers, I still find Hostgator to one of the best online. They have outstanding support, one time I had an issue with them at 10pm PST and I called them, (they are 3 hours ahead of me) you know what, a real live person answered the phone, and within minutes fixed my problem 🙂

I strongly recommend too that you avoid the free hosting companies out there, they just aren’t reliable and there is usually no support available for you. Also, as you build your website and need more bandwidth or space, they don’t provide it unless you upgrade and start paying for it. Why do this when you can just get good reliable web hosting to start out with.

It’s tempting to take pre-existing copy that’s worked well in a brochure or sales letter and simply post it on the web – instant website! However, it’s not that simple.

And while the initial differences between most other forms of copywriting and web copywriting may seem even a little awkward, in fact they can make your marketing as sharp as a razor.

When you send a sales letter in the mail, your primary objective is to make sure your carefully-wrought sales pitch doesn’t get tossed in the recycling bin. Your prospect is on defense, all alerts on high because she can’t waste her precious time on another piece of junk mail. This puts you in an almost combative role. However, on the web, it’s a reverse scenario. Your prospect has sought you out. They’ve typed in a Google search – or maybe decided to go to your website directly using the url that they got from a space ad or other source. They’re looking for your product.

But hold on, don’t get too comfortable yet. Even though they haven’t tossed you in the recycling bin, they can easily click on the back button and leave your website – often never to return. Since you’ve got that initial interest, you have to make sure that you keep it. And the way to do that is to make sure that your website is pinpoint relevant to what they are looking for. So your headline has to say quite clearly, “I’m exactly what you’re looking for, look no further.”

And then make sure the rest of your web page follows suit. Give them good, relevant and straightforward information – with access to the final product they’re seeking. While they may have doffed their junk-mail alert cap when searching you out, they are certainly wearing their b.s.-detector hat squarely on their head. The web is no place for hyped up messages.

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