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Internet Scam Protection – Tips Everyone Should Know

Internet Scams? With missing children? Yes, it is true, even the topic of missing children along with faked Amber Alerts are used as traps on the Internet. However, you do not have to be caught by this, or any other type of Internet scam.

It’s unfortunate but true. Most of these online scams are known now as “phishing” scams and are typically known for masquerading as well know banks and credit card processors scrape google results. The goal is to steal your information and use it for nefarious purposes such as stealing your identity, emptying your bank account, scamming others and even stealing email addresses.

Even child safety experts and their line of work get side tracked by this. It seems as though no one is immune today. There are some scurrilous individuals around that play the “missing child” alert to scrape and steal email addresses for their spamming purposes.

One of the latest phishing scams is an Amber Alert. Masquerading as the well known and highly effective alert system to find and save abducted children, this latest is particularly loathsome. The alert mentioned a 13 year old girl missing in Ohio. It was sent via an email chain with innumerable addresses on it.

You do not need to be a helpless victim of this or any other phishing scam online. Here are some great tips as to real versus fake. You can learn to know the difference. You can understand what is a phishing scam and what is not in order to keep yourself, your children and your families safer online.

First, stay calm. “Oh No! Another child missing! Let’s help!” is a natural reaction. The point is, it’s a reaction. Make your first rule about any unsolicited email, no matter who it is from, to hold a very healthy skepticism about it. Take time to read further. If you did not request it or it seems to elicit panic or a harsh emotion such as, “Your account is suspended!” chances are it’s a scam.

750 cows, and about 350 milking, rest where bred for beef, after a couple of days I received a phone call from the farmer to go up and have a trial day, so I went up at 12pm, he put me in a very large tractor and hooked up to a slurry tanker, then proceeded to say “you ever put out slurry Brian” (last farm I was on got contractors to put slurry out) Best way I can explain slurry is cow manure collected up in a large pit or as we call it “lagoon” it is then pumped into a tanker which holds about 1500 gallons and weighs in at 8 tones when full., here’s another picture for your viewing pleasure.

So got thrown into that and was putting out slurry back and forth for the best part of the day, quite enjoyed it because it was my first time and I got to drive, which I also love.

I worked up on that farm for about 5 weeks, before hand I had gotten a warning before I took on the job that I could not be late unless it was under extreme circumstances, I was working 12 hours a day 6 days a week, sound fun?. One Friday night I decided to go out to a nightclub with a few friends because working life was getting on top of me and got pretty drunk, by this time it was 3am and I just released that I was working in 3 hours, nevertheless I carried on drinking till about 3:30 and went home, got in my bed beforehand decided that I wasn’t going to sleep so I could get up for work, yea right, course that didn’t happen, crashed out till 10 am when I woke and relised “ohhh shit” got a life up by my father and told him to hang about at the road end of the farm because I knew the job was going to be lost. I at least expected some sort of forgiveness for my 1st time being late even though I had been warned, I found my boss doing my job of feeding the calf’s and told him sorry but I had slept, in, he replied “well, you might as well take your stuff and go home” so there went a good 20k a year job, shit happens eh?

From here I found another job within the week pretty close to where I was working previously and got the job on the spot, my boss was Irish and I had heard rumors about Irish farmers selling expensive land over in Ireland and buying bug cheap places in Scotland along with not paying staff well. We worked out 6 Pounds an hour would be an OK start and I started the next day. Worked on there for about 2 months, under constant strain from my boss about how I wasn’t doing thing how he liked them to be done etc, we call people like him a prick 🙂 worked throughout Christmas and new year for him, got 1 day off for my birthday which I nearly never got, that week I returned back to work finding my pay check was -80 Pounds what I was supposed to be paid, then entered his milking parlor with him telling me every time I work at the weekend he will give me 20 Pounds instead of an hourly rate which you could imagine I wasn’t too happy about. That night when I got home I discussed it with my parents and decided to quit the job and demand the money that was due, this was the final straw for being ignored on the farm, shouted at and now my wages had been hit. Sent out a letter demanding he paid what was owed within 28 days and of course that followed on with the usual angry phone call, but we dealt with it and I picked up my things the same day along with my check :).

That about the most cut-down version of my life starting out on the farm and it ending. During this whole process of working on the farm etc I had learned web site design and a couple of programming languages (PHP, Ajax, Java) so I then turned to web site design as a business model. I went self employed and started the business. It has been going alright, finding a steady work flow is the hardest part really and I am now moving into affiliation marketing to earn some extra cash. That about enough typing for 1 day, you now have an in-sight into my life and how it began and evolved into the internet. Hope you enjoyed reading and maybe it will inspire you into doing more or better at what you are currently doing.

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