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Best Places To Retire in Philippines

If you’re trying to figure out the best retirement destinations in the Philippines The question you should be asking is what part of the country? In case you didn’t know it yet The Philippines are an archipelago. It according to the 1997 Miss Universe contestant, is composed of 7,107 islands in high tide and 7,108 in low tide. These islands are separated into three distinct regions: Luzon (North), Visayas (Central), And Mindanao (South).

Within all three of these regions, there are cities that are major, where you will find shopping centers, apartments, hotels, and other living amenities. In this article, we’ll discuss which are the best areas to retire in the Philippines the northern region. Below is a list of the top places voted by Americans along with other expatriates in the Philippines in accordance with these factors: excellent hospitals, golf clubs, recreation facilities, good dining establishments with access to Western foods, and the most important thing is affordable living retire in the Philippines / live in the Philippines.

Metro Manila

Metro Manila is actually composed of 16 parts, with Quezon City being the largest city as well as the site of national broadcasting stations. Makati being the financial center and home of the richest Filipinos.

Angeles City/Clark

Together with Subic Bay/Olongapo, the Angeles City/Clark was home of US base in the Philippines prior to the Philippine senators voted for the US military out of the country. The remaining US bases of have been transformed to the Clark Freeport Zone, where you can also find an international airport. Investors who establish companies in the area can enjoy the tax-free benefits and other privileges that are duty-free. In addition to the investment zone, it is possible to see a wide range of nightclubs in the area and Filipino-Americans who were fathered by US soldiers.

Subic Bay/Olongapo

Former US bases were transformed into Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Subic Bay Freeport Zone, unlike Subic Bay, which is a Clark Freeport zone, however, Subic is the free zone for clubs, restaurants and extreme sports.


Also known as the summer capital of the Philippines, Bagiou is probably one of the few places in the Philippines in which sleet, or tiny pieces of snow can fall out of the skies. There are plenty of great urban areas for residential in this city.

Puerto Galera

Three and a half hours from Manila, Puerto Galera is actually a town on the coast that is known for its beaches with pockets and numerous snorkeling as well as Scuba diving spots. Puerto Galera is a listed by the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World. That’s it. You are now aware of the best retirement destinations in the Philippines Northern Philippines.


Cebu province lies right in the center of the Philippine archipelago. It is known to Filipinos as Manila without the traffic and the pollution in the city, and it’s. In Cebu there are numerous hotels and resorts and other facilities you would discover in any major city. All international flights go Cebu through Mactan Cebu International Airport. Dried mangoes from the Philippines originate from this region.


Only 30 minutes of Manila as well as Cebu, Boracay is the ideal destination if you want to drink a night out on the beach. Of course, in the inner portion of the island there are residential areas and hotels that are affordable.

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

It is located just one hour away from Cebu by a speedy ferry, Tagbilaran is where you jump off to see it’s Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers as the world’s largest monkeys. It is a small but quite clean city, and is well served by fast ferries heading to Cebu due to the beach resort areas surrounding it.

Cagayan de Oro

Because it’s considered to be as a top-quality city that you can see the same facilities that you will find on Manila and Cebu. However, Cagayan isn’t considered a beach city, like Cebu or Boracay, and you would have to drive for several hours to get to the nearest beach.

Surigao City

The city was able to earn its revenue through mining, however, the city is slowly becoming aware of the tourism potential of the city. The most popular destinations are beach resorts, dive spots and resorts. But, as with Cebu City you will also find all the facilities of modern cities – from hotels as well as shopping malls.

Davao City

It is referred to by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine as the 10th “Asian City of the Future”, Davao is home to an international airport as well as one of the most crowded ports on the sea in Southern Philippines. It also has a good mountain and beach resorts. Because of the presence in immigrants and expatriates living in the city, it is possible to get consular offices of Japan, Palau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Czech Republic and the United States to open consular offices in the city.

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