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Things Help The App To Get Accepted On App Store!

There are over 1.5 million applications on Apple Store. The percentage of apps rejected by Apple every year is more than 55% and all such applications are rejected for some reasons buy google play reviews. However, if you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business promotion and selling, make sure you do all the things required for the approval.

Every detail has to be filled. Insufficient information is one of the prominent reasons which lead to rejection. Experts say that every feature of the app must be clearly elaborated and instructions must also be provided if the application is supposed to be used in a specific way. It is also helpful to provide a demo video in order to convey the right way to install and configure.

The app has to be tested thoroughly because Apple does not accept apps containing any bug or error. According to the reports, more than 8% apps reject due to this reason. In order to make sure that the app is free from potential errors and bugs, you need to sign on a few beta testers. Through beta testing, you can help your application become bug-free.

Apple puts strong emphasis on apps which are appealing, easy to navigate and simple to use. In fact, Apple puts apps with a great user-interface in the featured list of the App Store. Therefore, it is the recommendation of mobile app development experts that the app must not have complex navigation.You need to make sure that you add relevant Meta Data of your app to the store. Meta Data include app’s name, description and app’s screen shots. The Meta Data must match the content and functionality of the app so that the store does not find anything irrelevant.

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