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Website Design Cost – What is the Cost of a Good Website Design Service?

Website design cost can range from very cheap to very expensive. If money is an object, you might want to look for something in the middle. If you’re looking to build a fantastic website it can still be done on a budget. You just need to know where to look and what to look for.

When thinking about website design cost you should make a list of what elements you want and what is the style and theme of your website. How many bells and whistles do you want if any? Will there be complex graphics involved? These are the features that will drive up the price of website design cost.

Let’s talk about price. Just remember, you get what you pay for. You can produce your own website and template for about $100 per year Best website design company in Kolkata . This means you’ll have to search the internet for the domain name and a template style. You’ll also have to design the site and learn how to upload it to the internet. But, there are website design programs for very little money that will guide you through the entire process by teaching you to design your own website. This could be a good way to go.

A few designers will create a small personal website for about $495. There are a few website designers that offer a one page website, with hosting and a domain name for $525. But, that’s all you get and it may be something so simple you could have done it yourself. That’s comparably a lot of money since the page will be pretty plain and again you could have done the same thing yourself with a website design kit.

The costs can rise to a small fortune if you are very particular about the design and have the money to follow through. Most people don’t understand the expertise required to produce a great design. So a design with minimum complexity will cost around $1,500. If you’re into more unique designs, prepare to pay anywhere from$1,800 to $2,000. If money is no object the cost rises to $3,000 for an over the top website.

Once you wade through the complexity of the above website design cost things can be even more expensive. There are website designers who charge $2,500 for the time it takes to produce the first page. That would accumulate to a vast amount of money if you want more than one page. There are even some designers who won’t deal with individuals at all. They only work for large corporations.

If you want to start your own website you have to consider the cost of design for your site. With money being tight these days it would be hard to justify spending the kind of cash it would take to go to a top designer. The internet offers a wide variety of do it yourself website building kits. You can still be just as profitable if you let your creativity flow.

As I explained in my free bulletin, I do believe that it’s important for you to acquaint yourself with a few of the most frequently used website words, just to put yourself at ease. But it’s even more important for you to find a designer who is capable and willing to develop a relationship based on open and clear communication with you. Some designers use jargon with conscious intent to bamboozle you. Some just bamboozle you anyway, without even realising that they are doing it. Avoid both! As a coach you know the importance of clear communication. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to choosing your website designer.

2. The price you pay is related to the amount of preparation you do

Most coaches don’t have a large budget for your website. And many of you are very concerned about being overcharged for something that doesn’t meet your needs. I also know that a lot of you are so busy working that you don’t have time to devote to developing your website. But the old equation applies… if you haven’t got much of a budget to throw at your website, you need to give it your time and attention.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the first step you have to take along your website path is to find a designer. If you take the time to prepare your requirements first, you will have clarity on what to talk with potential designers about, and you’ll end up with a far superior website, saving yourself a lot of money along the way too.

The best way to prepare is to produce a project description containing your style, structure and content specifications, along with your technical and practical requirements. Having all your copy written in advance makes a huge difference too. So before you even start looking for a website designer, get thinking, planning and writing.

3. Beware of website design ‘package deals’

All you need to pay for when you get your website designed is the design of the website! That may seem obvious, but there are plenty of design companies who bundle their website design offer with some form of ongoing maintenance or hosting fee. Yes, you need hosting and your website will need maintenance too, but these elements should not be mixed up with the design part of the deal.

These package deals usually involve the design company retaining some form of ownership over your website. This goes totally against your interests, so be very careful before you lock yourself into any kind of ongoing deal. It’s perfectly okay to ask about ongoing maintenance and hosting, but make sure these are kept separate from your design contract. And, most importantly of all, make sure you retain control of your own website.

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