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Eyelid Surgery – Reasons Why You May Want to Get It

Most people are concerned with beautifying their body with implants, liposuction, nose jobs and more. However, many people don’t worry about the eyes, unless it involves removing wrinkles. Unfortunately, some people’s vision is suffering due to sagginess and eyelid surgery is their only solution.

What it is
Surgically removing extra fat and skin around this region is known as blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. This fat can cause the upper or lower eyelid to droop. The procedure requires the surgeon to operate in order to get rid of this extra fat. Once all fat and loose muscle tissue is removed, the doctor closes up the area using extremely thin stitches.

What it will do
Eyelid surgery is very beneficial for people that have impaired vision due to saggy lids. It also helps those that have a tired appearance as a result of puffiness or bags contour rx eyelids. This procedure can improve your vision and overall look, which helps boost confidence since you will have a more rejuvenated look and feel to the area.

What it won’t do
Although this operation offers many benefits, there are some things that it doesn’t repair. Eyelid surgery will not get rid of fine lines, crow’s feet of dark circles. Also, if you’re of Asian descent and want to change your look by adding a crease to the area, keep in mind that this procedure will not drastically change your appearance.

Risks involved
Like any procedure, risks should not be taken lightly. Some of the possible risk factors include swelling, scarring, blurred vision, infection and swelling. Many of these issues will get better over time. Also, some people notice a difference in healing rates and can have one side recover much faster than the other.

Furthermore, people with health issues such as dryness, glaucoma, heart disease or high blood pressure are more susceptible to side effects. Bottom line, it’s a good idea to follow all your doctor’s instructions to minimize risk.

Finding a doctor
You want a surgeon that has extensive experience handling this operation. Since the surgery has to be done very delicately, you don’t want to take any chances. As with any plastic surgeon, you want your doctor to have thorough medical knowledge, graduated from an accredited school, and have at least three to five years of experience.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyelid lift has been known to lift the spirit as well as the lids. No one wants to look old, cranky or exhausted, but one of the side effects of saggy skin is exactly that. Another name for an eyelid lift is a blepharoplasty. A blepharoplasty is an operation performed by a plastic surgeon in order to remove drooping tissue surrounding the eyes.

Although a cosmetic surgeon is the physician that is trained to perform this operation, it is not merely a cosmetic procedure. The excess skin in the upper lids can hamper a person’s vision and make it dangerous for them to drive. Their peripheral vision can be adversely affected which is a problem that is deemed medical not just cosmetic.

When a patient is being considered for a blepharoplasty, one part of the examination will be a vision screening. If it is indeed discovered that there are problems with vision, medical insurance will often step in to cover the costs.

While the upper lids are most often the areas that are obstructing eyesight, the lower portion may have its own set of problems. Excess skin will need to be removed in the upper region, but fatty deposits are most often the culprit in the lower. While the fat might not hamper sight, it is unattractive and aging to a person’s appearance. For this reason, it should be removed, as well.

An eyelid lift will need to be performed in a hospital or clinic setting by a doctor who specializes in this procedure. An overnight stay is usually not required unless other operations are being done at the same time, so this is most often considered to be an outpatient procedure.

It usually takes a couple of weeks before the patient is able to go back to work after surgery, although the stitches will be removed much sooner. Initially, there will be tightness, redness, bruising and swelling but this should subside fairly quickly. There may also be dryness in the eyes which can be alleviated by the use of liquid tears, which may be purchased at a local drugstore.

When a patient comes home from the hospital following a blepharoplasty, it is important that they have someone with them for the first couple of days. A friend, spouse or family member will be needed in order to drive them home, prepare food and offer companionship. A good deal of rest in the early days will help a person to recover more quickly.

Surgical costs can vary depending on the doctor and the region. Certain areas of the country are more expensive than others. Cost alone should not be the deciding factor in cosmetic surgeon selection. Reputation, experience and skill are the most important considerations when choosing a doctor to perform an eyelid lift.

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