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If you’re searching for the ultimate quarry, set your sights on a Newfoundland moose. Weighing up to 544 kg (1,200 pounds), these great beasts are surprisingly agile, able to move swiftly through nearly impenetrable forest. There are more than 120,000 moose on this great island, right here in the northeast corner of North America. When hunting in remote locations that are second to none in Newfoundland. Rifle hunters enjoy a success rate of over 95 percent. Population densities are higher than anywhere else in North America and as high as anywhere in the world. There simply is no better place to hunt for moose.

Newfoundland has three main species of big game animals spread across thousands of acres of sparsely populated land. Big game densities are generally much higher than you are probably used to due to the vast untouched land. The most popular of the big game species is the moose which is the largest member of the deer family. This animal is a thrill to 6mm creedmoor ammo hunt and you will not be satisfied just to hunt it once.

The woodland caribou make long movements between seasonal ranges and the key to successful caribou hunting in Newfoundland is patiently awaiting for the trophy and then hunting it down. Many trophy caribou are taken in Newfoundland. Most are scored by Boone and Crocket, Pope and Young, and Safari international. Woodland caribou hunting is available individually or in combination with moose hunting.


The Newfoundland big game hunting season begins the third Saturday of August each year for bow-hunting only. Two weeks later the season opens for rifle and black powder. The normal rifle season in Newfoundland is from the second Saturday in September to the second Saturday in December. Variations may occur annually for certain areas.


I suggest that you bring the following items with you on your Newfoundland big game hunting trip: Binoculars, rain clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, personal items, rifle and/or bow, ammunition, thermal underwear, and lightweight waterproof footwe

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