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Making the Most of Online Project Management Applications

With so much to manage in a project, it only makes sense that the modern project manager should be making use of all the best online tools and apps to make their life a bit easier PMP certification. Milestones, timesheets, to-do lists… surely all these things are better managed electronically than on bits of paper on your desk

With web based applications, not only are you able to manage electronically, you are able to share your work with pretty much anyone at a click of a button, and can access your necessary files from anywhere in the world. This highly accessible, auditable paper trail is the modern way to do business, and something every project manager should be exploring.

There are a veritable plethora of web based applications out there which claim to revolutionise the way PM’s are doing business, but which of them actually work? Here are a few of the best that you might want to check out when making your choices.

Deskaway – Suitable for both internal and external project management tasks, Deskaway helps you stay in touch with the people who matter as well as keeping records in a simple and well organised way. You have access to a message board, task lists, shared file areas and more, as well as timesheet and reporting features.

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