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Free Email Tracker To Know When Emails Are Read

We send emails or better known in full as electronic mail, as a way of fast communication. This is because we use the internet connection to be able to send emails back and forth regardless of our geographic boundaries. Therefore, the only way through which we can send emails is by having a reliable source of internet connection and an email address with either of the providers like Gmail, Yahoo and or Hotmail. It does not take much to set up your very own email address if you do not have one by now. All you have to do is to register with your choice of mail provider, answer or fill in the necessary details and you will be able to send and receive emails as soon as your account is verified. The verification process does not take hours or days as it can be done as fast as registering for your email account.

Once you have your email account and a reliable source of internet connection either on your laptop, desktop or even on your smart phone, you can start sending emails. Whenever we send emails, we often wonder if the recipient did get them and if they have read them Email1and1. This usual happens when the emails we send require urgent reply but it has been hours since you sent the email with no reply. These are the times you wish that you had an email tracker to help you out. We can describe an email tracker as a computer Software that enables the send of the email to know if their email was successful delivered. Most people will pay for such software but what if we told you there was a free email tracker just for you to utilize to the fullest.

With the free email tracker, you will not only be notified if the email was delivered successful but also when it was opened and read. With this kind of an email tracker you stand to benefit more as a way of getting to know what step to take next. But how does the free email tracker work?

You can make as many as you like for the kinds of things you want to save and organize. And make them specific for your needs so the emails are easy to find. Instead of “Travel,” make a folder called “Boston” for your upcoming trip and in that folder you keep your hotel confirmation, car rental info, flight itinerary and the emails with all the restaurant suggestions you asked for. Trip is over, delete the folder and emails, or save some of them for future reference. If you travel often, make multiple files and name them similarly so they are listed together — Travel Boston, Travel Business, Travel Los Angeles, Travel Parents. You get the idea.

Maintain — You’re going to have to set aside time in your schedule to address the backlog of emails. I know people who have over 8,000 emails in their inboxes from years past and over 2,000 unread emails. Now that seems daunting, but it can be dealt with. DECIDE today to start this new practice going forward and set aside 10 minutes twice a day to work on older emails. You will also want to regularly schedule time to purge your folders of emails you no longer need or want.

Remember that when you look at a massive amount of emails, your brain sees clutter, gets overwhelmed and now you are stressed, distracted and unsettled. So take the time to help yourself by regaining control of your inbox.

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