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Skills You Must Possess to Be a Surgical Tech

Every profession requires certain skills and knowledge, but there also are specific personality traits that anyone pursuing a successful career in that field is recommended to have. If surgical technology is a point of your interest, make sure you know what skills you are expected to have in order to become a highly appreciated surgical technologist.

Surgical Technologist Professional Skills

One can become a surgical technologist with only few years of education. During this training, a surgical technologist aspiring to work in an operating room must obtain many skills. He/she will get knowledge in the fields of medical terminology, human anatomy, anaesthesia techniques, surgical instrumentation, patient safety, ethical standard and may other medical areas and he/she will be expected to implement this knowledge on the job. For example, a surgical tech should take care of patients pii_email_8953fcff2f2c1d49fbad.. This includes communication with the patient, vital signs check, transporting the patient to the operating room and positioning him/her before the surgery, as well as providing postoperative care for the patient after the surgery. Also, the surgical technician is expected to know how to prepare and sterilize instruments, assist during surgery with some knowledge of surgical procedures, operate equipment etc.

Psychophysical Characteristics of a Surgical Technologist

Besides the things you could learn from training, there are many psychophysical skills you must possess to be a surgical tech, too. First of all, a surgical technologist is expected to be communicative and to have very good people skills, since he/she is supposed to closely communicate with the patients, as well as with the surgeons and the rest of the operating room team. He/she must respect authority, follow instructions and accept constructive criticism, since he/she will be working under the supervision of surgeons. A surgical technician must be a patient, reliable and responsible person, with a great eye for details. A stable character and successful coping with tensed and stressful situations, as well as unpleasant sights and scents are also essential.

A surgical technologist must be precise and tactile. He/she must work quickly and accurately. Mobility, great motor skills, manual dexterity and physical stamina are of a substantial importance. Also, a surgical technologist must be an organized person with good cognitive abilities. A surgical technician must have excellent vision and hearing in order to successfully react to the surgeon’s demands and follow the operation. A surgical tech must be able to stay fully concentrated and remain standing for many hours during a surgery. In some types of surgery, it is even necessary for the surgical tech to remain sitting still for a long period of time.

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