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Newsletter List Building – Learn One Of The Easiest Ways To Build An Opt In Subscriber List And Earn

Would you like to learn one of the easiest ways to make money online without spending a fortune? The following system doesn’t require the need to hire a Webmaster or an Internet marketing guru to put it together. You can do it yourself. I’ll tell you how. First, let’s start at the beginning.

Why do you need your own opt-in list? Having your own opt-in list means you have your own targeted audience to communicate with long after they have left your website.

On average most website visitors will take just three seconds to decide if your site has what they’re searching for, so it’s important to make a powerful offer to each visitor the very first moment they arrive.

This site – – has a terrific example of a home page that immediately tells you to take action and sign up for a valuable ebook.

Did you notice the stop sign right away? Did you sign up to get that ebook?! Eventually you will f95zone. When you do sign up, notice what web page you are directed to: an affiliate product sales page.

Using the squeeze page method you can send a subscriber to your affiliate product sales page – and then send a five-part report by email to promote the affiliate product, just in case your subscriber doesn’t purchase right away. Your affiliate commissions will increase dramatically.

Your squeeze page offer should include a free ebook, or free software, in addition to an ezine or report with well-written content that discusses the value of the affiliate product you are promoting godaddy email. When someone requests to receive information from you by email they are “opting in.”

Affiliate marketers need a way to capture opt-in ezine subscribers AND promote an affiliate product. Since affiliate marketers don’t have a product of their own to promote, they have come up with a clever way to sell other people’s ebooks and software by giving away valuable free information to build an opt-in list of ezine subscribers. And so the Name Squeeze(TM) page was born. 
The inventor of the Name Squeeze(TM) page is Internet marketer, Jonathan Mizel. The squeeze page is simply a one page website with sales copy and an opt-in form. A squeeze page is also called a Landing Page, a Lead Capture Page, a Lead Generation Page, and a Splash Page.

I highly recommend promoting your squeeze page offer by publishing informative articles instead of using expensive Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising.

The basic function of a squeeze page is to offer each visitor valuable “free” information that they receive from you via email. This method will rapidly build your opt-in list, and allow you to talk about your affiliate product offer by email to potential customers at a much less hectic pace.

In this article, I am going to outline steps you should be taking to find partners for your ‘personal co registration’ network.

If you have the deep pockets of a Fortune 500 company, you can approach webmasters and offer to purchase ad space to put up a co reg link on their website. Most of you out there either don’t have the kind of deep pockets necessary to pull this off, or you prefer to spend your money elsewhere. For you, you are going to have to do this the old fashioned way: joint venture.

A joint venture works like this: You do something for me, and I’ll do something for you in return. This isn’t a one way street; you have to give something back that is of equal or greater value to the other person! In this case you are giving them opt ins for their list.

If you’re a smart businessman, before you launched into this niche, you did something called ‘market research’ to map out the terrain. You know who is there, and who is directly competing with you. Now would be a good time to dust off that list and start using it to find partners who would be a good fit for your network.

If you did not do this, all is not lost. But now, you’re going to have to do some serious work to dig up people already exploiting your chosen niche. The first thing to so is to brainstorm and create a list of specific and related niches you can advertise in, then fire up some search engines to do some digging. Recommended search engines

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