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Tungsten Rings FAQ

Tungsten carbide is the new metal in today’s jewelry and wedding bands industry. Therefore, many misconceptions about tungsten carbide rings have surfaced among uneducated jewelers and jewelry buyers alike. I would like to share with the readers on a few common myths about this tungsten metal.

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No object or material is entirely scratch resistant clearance tungsten rings. Scratches will take place when a material comes into hard friction with another material that is “harder” than itself.
For many people, nothing is more hideous than having scratches on their once beautiful ring. Tungsten carbide rings would have the least worry of this problem as it is the hardest and most durable material in the current jewelry market secondary only to diamonds. Now, let’s move to our second myth about tungsten.

The tungsten metal is definitely a robust and durable metal but to say it is “indestructible” would be misleading. However, when it comes to rings or wedding bands, tungsten might just be the closest any metal comes to this claim. The tungsten rings’ biggest benefit is to provide its wearer a “maintenance-free” experience. The ring’s polished finish and remarkable shine remains as is since the day you first bought it. It will outlast any similar rings of platinum or titanium even. This brings us to the final myth; and the myth which worries many couples.

It has become a common myth among current jewelry buyers which causes many people to avoid tungsten wedding rings in hopes of keeping all their 10 fingers unharmed. Nevertheless, it is a complete myth. Even though it is correct that these rings cannot be cut off in the normal way gold rings, medical personnel are able to get rid of any tungsten ring during an emergency situation. They are able to crack it into pieces by using a vice-grip locking pliers or similar mechanism. They would just simply apply pressure on the outside of the ring until it cracks.

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