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Blogging is the latest online trend used by many people to communicate their views on any topics available under the sun! A blog may contain interesting or uninteresting facts, your creativeness is what matters, in order to get a reader to read and comment on it.

What is a blog? A blog is an online diary maintained by individual or grouped users, with regular updates made to the content, on any topic, which is of current interest to the blogger(s). Blogs mainly provide you with opinions or news on a particular subject while they can also take the form of personal diaries. Generally, a blog can be a combination of text, images or links to other blogs, related to other media forms or web pages revolving around a common topic of interest. The important feature is for the blog to be in an interactive format where readers could leave their comments. Most blogs are textual, while some focus on art, videos, sketches, etc, which are a wider part of a social media.

Blogs can be advertised in different ways, be it the content or the way the content is delivered or written. A personal blog, also the most common, is an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual. Corporate blogs are private blogs that are used mostly for business purposes Sherry dyson. These are used internally to enhance the communication and culture within an organization or externally for advertising, branding, marketing or for the purpose of PR. More commonly used blog types are question blogs, a type of blog that answers the questions. Here questions are submitted in a submission form, either through e-mail, telephone or VOIP. Blogs containing videos are termed “Vlog”, those comprised of links are termed “Linklog”, and sites containing a portfolio of sketches are termed “Sketchlog”.

A user or blogger tends to update a blog everyday by writing about their own life, but no one reads them? You then try to write about various other common topics such as technology or electronic gadgets, hoping you get some comments from readers on the next day and still not many people visit your site. Advertising your blog to attract the reader is the answer to your dilemma. It’s important to recheck how you promote your blog to get a response from your readers. You may get a wider picture on how to enhance your blog by visiting other blogs, joining bloggers’ forum, submitting to blog directories/top sites, using your signature in your e-mail, joining an exchange link program, public bookmarking, submitting to a search engine, pinging your site online, etc.

Have you found yourself asking “what is blogging”? I am sure you have heard this buzzword when talking with your family and friends, and you may have heard it on the news as well!

Blogging has become the new way of sharing information, opinions, and making some great passive income.

Blogging originally began as a way for people to keep track of their visits to different websites. They could make comments about the sites and interesting things they found there along with the sites link.

As time went on, blogging became more and more popular, eventually becoming like a personal diary for many. Some bloggers also began to creative informative blogs in things they were interested in, these are called “niches”. These niche bloggers soon realized that there is a lot of money that can be made whether you are doing it full or part time.

The reason blogs become so successful is because they create a loyalty from their visitors. One a person starts enjoying what you are writing, they will more than likely return again and again, as well as pass on the information to their friends.

As your followers grow, and you add more content, you will soon find yourself ranking high in the search engines. This makes it easier for others to find you, therefore bringing you even more visitors.

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