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Why You Need Travel Insurance This Christmas

Over one million people will travel during Christmas this year, despite the economic downturn. Some will be going on holiday, taking advantage of Christmas day’s position at the end of the week and taking a long weekend away. Others will be travelling home, going to see parents or meeting parts of the family they haven’t seen for a while. No matter the reason for travelling, a huge amount of people will be moving in, out and around the country this month, and some won’t have any travel or holiday insurance. This is a mistake when travelling, but is even worse at Christmas time. We explore some reasons why.

Tis the season…for bad weather

It’s winter, and despite a rise in global temperatures the weather is still bad in December and over the Christmas season. This can lead to a greater chance of accidents and delays; you only need to look back over previous years to see the problems winter weather can cause. Making sure you have adequate travel insurance is a must, given the higher risk of missed flights, backlogs and unfortunate accidents. You can get cheap travel insurance that gives more than adequate protection if you are worried about the cost, but at least some holiday insurance is a necessity.

Tis the season…for human error

Most transport hubs employ more seasonal staff at this time of year to cope with the influx of people, but this doesn’t stop human errors cropping up under the holiday’s stressful conditions. Having your luggage sent to the wrong country, being booked onto the wrong flight or someone salting the wrong road can make all the difference to your journey, and december global holidays if you want to avoid the double pain of not making it to dinner on time and having nothing to show for it, travel insurance is your best bet.

Travel insurance is also desirable to combat less innocuous forms of human error. The holidays are a great time for people to relax and unwind, often with a drink. Tiredness, a fixation of their destination and sometimes a little too much brandy can mean drivers are increasingly sloppy on the roads, leading to more near-misses and full on accidents. While your usual insurance should cover any accidents it’s best to top it up in the holiday season, especially if driving overseas or in conditions under which your usual insurance doesn’t count.

Tis the season…to have peace of mind

Everyone wants peace of mind and to enjoy the season in their own way. However, the culmination of winter weather, huge numbers of travellers and human and technical interaction means that something is bound to go wrong. Be it airports that are plagued with closures or delays or snowed in and accident strewn roads, it’s hard to deny the increased risks of travelling this holiday. Insurance is a must have in this setting, and adequate cover can be attained cheaply. Remember, Travel insurance isn’t just for life, it’s also for Christmas.

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