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8 Tactics for Awesome Blog Posts

I would even go as far as to suggest it is one of the most challenging aspects of online marketing. It doesn’t take long to start feeling as if you have writers block, getting stuck for ideas and lacking in luster. But do not despair I am going to give you 8 useful tips to get your juices flowing with ideas for your blog posts.

Try to always keep a note pad or a voice recording device with you. I often find I get ideas for my posts in the most unlikely places and unusual times. I can be out and about and notice something in an advert or maybe on the train and just observing life. Maybe you will get your inspiration when you are relaxing or doing some physical exercise You will often find you get ideas when you are not thinking about blogging.

Make sure you keep up with you industry news. This will keep you on point when it comes to all the latest news and information in your particular market. Look at web sites and blogs that are related to your market and subscribe to a few don’t go crazy the temptation will be to subscribe to everything. Choose a few that appeal to you and ones you feel give you value. Whenever you are a bit stuck for ideas all you need to do is scan through them, see what they are saying.

Better still find an interesting topic that you can blog about. When making your decision be aware that your readership should be able to relate to the subject matter so you will need a good explanations as well as being able to take something away when they have finished like learning and understanding something.

Reading the blog posts of others blogging on your market is another great way to get some inspiration. Because you are already keeping up with industry news you will be reading articles from bloggers in your chosen market or industry. Your opinion might not be the same maybe you are reading posts covering subjects you feel passionately about or maybe you can put a different stance on a subject matter. Then start blogging. Even if you feel that the subject matter has already been well covered but you still have something to offer just get writing.

Because we are always advised to be sure that our content is always original it is easy to get yourself worked up and even burnt out with the pressure you can put on yourself. So don’t be shy about looking around to get ideas and post from others.

If you work in a company and it is your responsibility to look after your company blog then asking colleagues, even work associates that work in different departments. It doesn’t matter the position the person holds in the company be it the managing director or the blog manager the thoughts ideas and opinions of colleagues will be sure to make your blog a more interesting place. You can also keep your posts open to other industry experts, guests and industry posts so they can also contribute.

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