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How to Achieve Glowing Skin Without Breaking the Bank

Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive. Most ads we see on TV might suggest otherwise; I mean skin care is a world-wide, multi-billion dollar industry, but the truth is home remedies already exist and have been utilized since ancient times in achieving that healthy, glowing skin, without having to spend your life savings.

Dermatologists and skin experts all agree that the ingredients used in the most expensive brands can be found in the most common of household items. The important thing is knowing what you want in a product and finding the right substitute for it.

The Natural Moisturizer: Virgin Coconut Oil

Most dermatologists would only suggest oil-free moisturizers; but natural, oil-based ones like virgin coconut oil can be used if you can avoid the sun. Virgin coconut oil has been hailed as the new wonder oil by skin experts who swears it not only moisturizes the skin, but also prevent pimple and wrinkles and can greatly improve the overall texture and tone of your skin 분당스웨디시.

Not only that, it can be mixed with different essential oils to suit different skin needs. For instance it can be mixed with Tea-tree oil and lavender to prevent acne breakouts. Adding rose, orange and patchouli oil can prevent wrinkles and with regular use, can eliminate the find lines caused by facial expressions over the years. Virgin coconut oil solidifies in cooler temperature, and using it as a lip balm can prevent your lips from drying.

Aloe Vera for the Sunburned Skin

Aloe Vera is a simple homecare remedy that has been used in treating sun-damaged skin. Aloe has been proven to have anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Its cooling effect will not only soothe sunburned skin but also prevent pimple from breaking out. Aloe is a natural moisturizer and when applied to the hair, can decrease the instance s of breakage and split-ends. Aloe can also be applied as a cleanser to wash off excess oil.

Lime Juice and Chamomile Tea as Toner

Most toners in the market have anti-oxidant properties to prevent premature ageing. Using lime juice mixed with Chamomile tea can be an effective toner for cleansing and prepare your pores for makeup and moisturizers. Lime juice has a powerful anti-bacterial affect that can zap zits off your face in as little as 24 hours. Mixed with Chamomile, it can rejuvenate tired skin and can add glow to dry and dull skin.

Always tone before applying any kind of moisturizer or makeup to prepare your skin and prevent clogged pores. Lime juice is also rich in vitamin C, a powerful wrinkle-buster – most skincare creams in the market boast of its vitamin c content, and using a natural source of vitamin C can help because it’s less processed and more potent that creams exposed to the sun (Vitamin C looses its potency when exposed to ultraviolet rays).

Lemon and Orange Peel for a more Radiant Complexion

Orange and lemon peels, when gently rubbed in the skin, has been proven to lighten age spots. Lemon and Orange peels can properly exfoliate the skin and make it more radiant. It also contains Vitamin C which helps in the rejuvenation process. To make the process more soothing and relaxing, put your orange or lemon peel in the refrigerator before using it. This allows the peel to cool and make it more soothing when you rub it in your face.

Be sure not to use this home treatment for sunburned skin because it can cause discoloration in your skin. The best time to use Lemon or Orange peel on your face is before bedtime. Rub the peels on your skin for at least a minute then wash gently with cold water to close your pores. This is also a very good treatment for acne-prone skin.

Massage your skin with Vitamin E and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is the best way to fight ageing. Skin massages can help the vessels in your skin expand and bend, which makes it healthier and more efficient in carrying oxygen to your facial skin cells. Prick a capsule of Vitamin E and mix it with a little Virgin Coconut Oil to create a creamy emulsion that can be massaged directly to your face and neck.

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