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A Peek Into Some Women’s Vanity Kit Contents

In a world where women constantly battle with perfection, looking and feeling good has dominated their world. Thus a great sum of money is appropriated to beauty products and services to keep them up with friends and co-workers with regards to the latest in enhancing beauty and defying age. American women for example, spend about $10 billion annually on beauty products excluding personal grooming products and an average American woman spends about $12,000 yearly on grooming and beauty products according to Siren Magazine.

Spending such amount can be compared to having a fancy car or a grand vacation in some equally grand tourist spot. Aside from having such grooming products and services from spa resorts or beauty salons, there are other beauty essentials that women keenly follow as rituals at home that to men are sometimes totally outrageous 송파스웨디시.

One of the beauty essentials that women cannot leave without is facial cleansers which are especially manufactured facial soaps that are used in washing the face after rinsing with warm water to open the pores. Soaps which have stronger ingredients are intended only from the neck down while facial cleansers which have milder components are solely for the face.

Another is the use of exfoliative agents. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body using facial and body scrubs, dermabrasion kits and among others. Scrubs are cream-based or water-based agents composed of tiny grains that are rubbed on the skin with a gentle circular rubbing motion to removes dead tissues by gentle peeling. Exfoliation thus results to a younger, glowing skin.

The third beauty essential for women is moisturizer. Some women who have oily skin do not see the need to moisturize but studies show that even oily skin need it because moisturizers function as sealant as it traps moisture into the skin. For oily skin, there are water-based agents while cream-based are also available for dry skin.

Who can leave the house without lotion? Lotion has become the number one necessity for women as it is always part of a vanity kit. Like moisturizers, lotions softens the skin and restores the natural oils on it especially after washing as frequent washing removes the natural oils that the skin have. Sunscreen lotions on the other hand, offer protection from the harmful effects of the UV rays such as skin darkening and pigmentation and dry and wrinkled skin.

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