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How To Start Your Own Blog And Make The Most Out Of It

Next to online RPGs (Report Program Generator), blogging is another popular Internet past time for many people today, with millions of individuals around the globe using this web-based journal to voice out their opinions, thoughts, experiences and knowledge, and of course to earn extra cash. Despite the popularity of blogging, however, not all people are aware of its real definition and its intended purpose. There is no universal description about this concept, but most people would agree that the word blog is actually a shortened term for “weblog,” which basically means a web-based journal. Hence, blog can be defined as an online log that contains contents that are sorted in a chronological manner, with the most recent post situated at the top of the page. The logs or individual entries are dated,which in turn generates an archive of the previous posts. This archive is usually found either at the bottom, top or side of the page.

Typically, a blog is textual in nature, which means it contains words and some form of images for enhanced aesthetics. However, there are also blogs that are intentionally made solely to exhibit photos (photoblog), videos (vlog) and audio materials (podcasts). They can also fall in different sorts of categories based on their contents A blog that is intended for personal use may contain the personal experience, hobbies and interests of the author (blogger), and topics may range from comic books, celebrity gossips, technology, politics so on and so forth. Meanwhile, a professional blog is often used to publish informative contents, products and services. More often than not, a professional blog is facilitated by educators, businesses, politicians, political advisers, news services and the likes.

Blogs have varying functions depending on their contents. They can be used as a shared online journal wherein people could post personal entries, commentaries and advices on a daily basis. They could also be utilized as educational mediums to disseminate informative information to readers so as to facilitate knowledge management as well as e-learning. News services and the media use these mediums to bring to people the latest news, discussions and relevant international events. On the aspect of entertainment, web logs, especially those in the form of vlogs and podcasts are used by companies to distribute multimedia materials on the Internet, which can be downloaded as computer and mobile applications. In the matters of business, they serve as communication platforms between entrepreneurs and consumers through product promotions and at times as virtual stores.

Blogs surged into popularity because of their simplicity and cost-efficient means of publishing relevant works both from average and well-known individuals. They are easy to set-up as well as to update. Since they do not require any coding knowledge on the part of the end-user, almost anyone can make their own blog site. In short, you don’t need to become well-versed in web development or anything in between to commence your blogging career.

To start a blog, you have to choose one of the many weblog platforms available on the Internet, which would host your blog site. Most weblog platforms offer free hosting services, while others charge a certain amount of fee. Once you’re able to choose your platform, you have to sign up for the service. During the sign up process, you will fill up some verification details regarding yourself, which will be used to protect your blog site against fraudulent schemes. Upon the completion of such process, you will get a URL for your blog, then you can proceed with the customization process wherein you could freely choose the layout or design scheme of your blog site from multitudes of themes and templates made available by your weblog platform. It is also during this process that you can decide if you will make your blog entries private or for public viewing, and you could also integrate other applications like buttons, messaging system, tag boards and blog chalks. When all these are done, you can start blogging away to your heart’s content.

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