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Using Bollard Lights to Improve Your Garden

Bollard lights are outdoor lights that are enclosed in cylinder shaped posts. Those posts were originally all in a cylinder shape but today these lights are also created in square shapes. Bollard was the name of the posts where you tied the boats when you came to dock. They are made of metal, concrete or weather resistant plastics.

These lights are designed to resist corrosion from any seasonal elements. The units are capable of being set up for electrical wiring or battery operated or solar energy. Depending on where you want to place the post will determine the best way to have it operate Driveway bollards.

On most units the lighting elements are on the top portion of the posts. They are protected by lattice slats or grates. There are various ways to use your lights they could be positioned to shine on one particular area or structure. They could be used to light up a walkway or path. Use a line of them to light the stairway to your front porch.

The posts can be attached to standing structures or planted in the ground. If you have a lot of foliage in your backyard, place them in the beginning of the plants to draw attention to that area. Fish ponds lit up at night by this type of lighting makes for a quiet, relaxing atmosphere as you listen to the water cascading down the stones to the pond.

For security reasons you can place them in your front yard as barriers. The plastic units can be filled with sand to help slow down a runaway vehicle that may be on a course with your front door. The cement or metal units will definitely prevent the oncoming intrusion.

There are many different models to choose from when shopping for bollard lights. Some are reminiscent of London’s old style lampposts that line the streets, other have a sense of elegance about them that will make yo

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