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Multi Media – Things to Know

During the 1970’s, multi media was the term used for images seen in multi projector slide shows. In 1968, the word multi media was used to describe the work of any political character. Came year 1990, multimedia was already believed to be a result of the emergence of different technology contents – this is also believed as its recent definition today. Other kinds of multi media captures includes: audio, photography and even slide shows.

Multimedia is one of the contents present in some devices. A mobile phone has this content. This is actually a combination of texts, audio, videos and some images. It is also used in advertisements, businesses, and entertainment. Both marketing and businesses use multimedia as part of their advertisements. It implements a high quality sound and a full motion which are then combined to make it.

Electronic games are also considered as an example of multi media. The term also pertains to other home entertainment and electronic services.

A device that has multimedia requires a memory. One example is a mobile phone that contains different types of multimedia. The kind of multimedia that a mobile phone has depends on the memory wandbekleding that the mobile phone contains. A memory card is often used for these things. This means, the bigger the space of your memory card, the larger the content of multimedia it can contain.

Another one is the digital camera. It contains multimedia as it contains images and even videos which are stored in its memory card. Devices that contains this may be used online or offline.

There are requirements for this to work. For a personal computer to make multi media work, it needs a microprocessor and a large storage as well as a large memory. For an audio to work well, you will need a large speaker and an audio card for storage. Other kinds of software are also required to make it work. Compact discs and DVD-ROMs are one of the various types of software needed to make it function well.

PowerPoint or slideshow presentations are types of multimedia commonly used today. These are usually used for business and education purposes. They comprise of images, text and even videos which are part of multimedia. In schools, PowerPoint is used to present lessons or reports. This has even been found to be very useful in most schools. For businesses, slideshows are also commonly used for presentations, business proposals and other images which needs to be showed (and having something to do with business). Students who make slide shows make use of their digital camera and transfer the pictures into a personal computer for it to be processed as part of the slide show they are making.

There are technological skills needed to manipulate multimedia. Here are some of the skills that are commonly required: the ability to manipulate the features of texts. You must know how to make the text readable and attractive when presented in a multimedia. Hence, you can either make the letters bold, italic or you can even adjust the size of the text. In doing so, you must also know how to put special effects to make it more attractive for your audience or for the people you are presenting it to. Resizing and croppi

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