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How to Accept Bitcoins on Shopify

It is very simple, if you want to learn how to accept Bitcoins on Shopify then you’ll need to follow this short guide. This is the easiest way to get started with accepting payments via your ecommerce website. You will need to sign up for a free account, and download the shopping cart app. You should also have an account at PayPal to receive funds wirelessly how to accept bitcoin on shopify.

The first step is to configure both the merchant account and the payment gateway you are going to use. You can do this by clicking on “Settings” at the top of the Shopify main page. Next enter the details of your payment method, such as Visa or MasterCard. Then click “Submit” to set the process up. Finally, you will be given a reference code, which you should copy down and keep with you.

How to accept Bitcoin in a Shopify Store for Payments (and  Litecoin/Dodgecoin) - Liquify Shopify Agency

Now that you know you will be able to accept bitcoins on Shopify, you need to actually learn how to do this. The simplest way is to load up on some of the many resources available on the internet related to this topic. There are lots of great articles, videos and blogs on this subject. Just Google” accepts bitcoins” and you’ll find loads of great material. Some sites to look out for are BitPay, Xapo and Paydotcom just to name a few.

Once you have these two pieces of information you can go ahead and setup both a merchant account and payment gateway. Then you just have to make sure that all of your employees have access to the payment channels you are using. You may need to tell them how to activate the channels and assign passwords to them. You’ll need to set up how to make withdrawals from your merchant account as well. This is really easy, and all you need to know is how to load up on the relevant materials to guide you through it.

Setting up a payment gateway is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is go to your Shopify store settings and then click on ‘commerce’. You’ll see a section marked ‘payment gateway’. Next you’ll have to choose whether you want to use PayPal as your payment gateway or not. If you do not have a PayPal account it’s free to sign up for one at PayPal.

Once you’ve selected a payment channel, you’ll need to fill in all of the required information. Included in this information should be your merchant account details, your URL, and your telephone number. You’ll also want to enter a claim number, which is a random number that you create yourself. Your claim number should be large enough to cover any risk of funds being reversed. You also want to ensure that you enter the correct currency symbols.

When your information is successfully processed you will be given a code. Copy this code and put it in the address field of your website’s checkout page. This will be your ‘action code’ and is the one that will be using to make a transaction from your shopping cart to your payment channel.

There are a few things that you can do to further boost your security. By selecting the private key option you’ll be generating a secure key pair. Make sure that you keep this key safe. Keep it in a safe location where you cannot access it. These are just a few tips that you can follow to learn how to accept bitcoins on shoplift.

Now, that you have an account and a payment channel set up you can start selling items on your site. To sell items just follow the same steps as when you created your account. However, instead of displaying the items you’ll be using your payment channel to display the product. This is great because not only will your customers be able to pay with their credit card but you can let them pay with their debit or electronic check as well.

If you would like to accept international payments then you’ll need to set up a payment gateway. This is a special connection between your local Shopify account and a payment channel. You’ll need to open an account with a major payment processor like PayPal or Google checkout. Once this is complete you’ll be ready to go. Simply place the URL of your payment gateway at the bottom of your store’s page.

The last step is actually uploading your site. Once you’re done uploading your site simply login using your Shopify user ID and password. When you’re in the settings just click on’manage’ and then click on ‘allow cookies’. Then simply follow the instructions outlined on the screen. That’s all there is to learning how to accept bitcoins on Shopify.

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