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Buy Domain Names – How Much Should a Domain Name Cost?

Everyone wants to buy domain names for cheap prices but with all of the registrars out there claiming to have great deals, it’s hard to buy a domain and feel like you weren’t cheated. Just because you paid more for your website name doesn’t mean you get more.

So, how much should you pay for a “new” .com address since they range from “free” to over $35.00 per domain name per year? As a general rule, if you can get one for around $10 USD per year buy domain name, you’re doing quite well. Several places allow you to buy domains for an even lower price, but there’s usually a catch.

Here are some things to look for: 

1. What does the domain name end in / What is the Top Level Domain (TLD)? Are you buying a .com or a .info? Does that make a difference to you? Most registration companies offer a special gate crasher price to get you in the door: Some places will offer you a $0.99 per year domain name for their .info domains and then you realize that their .com prices are closer to $10.

2. Is the special price for the first year of registration only? Several registrars let you buy domains for dirt cheap for the first year only, but then the second year price, they charge you the regular renewal price… which is closer to $10 per website address per year. 

3. Is the low price for the domain name a transfer price, purchase price, or renewal price? Any registrar will allow you to transfer a domain name to their company. Usually you have to pay for 1 year’s worth of registration at the regular price, but some companies will offer a special low transfer price to persuade you to bring your business over. The renewal price is the regular price so that’s what you’ll need to look for if you plan on keeping your domain name.

4. How much will you have to pay for the WHOIS privacy registration? When you buy a domain name, usually all of your personal information gets listed in an online WHOIS registry that is accessible by anyone. Many domain companies will let you buy a privacy feature that will mask your personal information. Some registrars offer this privacy registration service for free. Otherwise it can cost $6 to $9 per domain name per year. That adds up, so you’ll want to go with a company that offers a free registration privacy.

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