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Why Real Mink Eyelashes Is Cruelty-Free

Don’t they just love them to munch on the mink or yellow eyelash extensions that are so popular with celebrities and fashionistas? Did you know that mink eyelashes are not artificial, but come from actual mink coats? That means that your new lashes will be as good as, if not better than your natural lashes.

mink eyelashes

So, is mink eyelashes made from real mink or are they made from fake lashes? The short answer is yes. Mink eyelash extensions are not made from synthetic materials at all. They are manufactured using the most luxurious and natural ingredients available. Not only do they provide superior curl holding power, they are also capable of producing volume and length with less effort than other products. So, does mink eyelash growth contain a “fake” product, or is it real mink?

Real mink eyelashes come from the hair of healthy cows. In other words, there is nothing “fake” about these lashes. However, people do often try to imitate the look of mink eyelashes by using false lashes eyelashes. This may work to some degree, but the problem is false lashes eyelashes can have a tendency to fall out. If you keep them in place, you may get some of them off, but you may not ever get the full length look.

Fake mink lashes are not the only thing available that claims to be made from real mink. You can also purchase Mink Shears, Mink Wax, Mink Claws and Mink Tusks. These products also claim to be made from real mink fur. However, the term mink fur is commonly used to describe any sort of imitation fur, not particularly real mink. So if these products make a claim to be made from real mink fur, they are probably not real mink lashes.

Mink farms do supply mink eyelashes, but the animals are rarely treated well. The article continues below this line, to explain what happens on a mink farm. The fur from these animals is gathered from the underbelly of the animals through a process of snagging and binding with a metal wire cage. The cage is then crushed and the glue is removed using chemicals that are present in the soil from where the cows come out of their pens.

Many companies sell mink eyelashes that are not from real mink farms, but these products will hardly fool anyone. Mink false eyelashes are very common on the market today, but not all of them are created equally. Some of the mink eyelashes are thinner, which does not give the eyelash wearer much length nor fullness. They are also prone to falling out or pulling away from the eye. A far better choice is to purchase a good quality mink eyelash extension that is made of a high quality raw hair, such as that obtained from an Asian or African cow.

Mink fur farms are not the only place you can find mink eyelashes, but they are perhaps the most widely available. Many companies have their own mink fur farms, which supply to shops and businesses who demand mink eyelash extensions. These are often the cheapest option, and although they may seem more natural, the price is affected by the number of animals that are required to produce each unit. This means that the price may be slightly higher than one could expect elsewhere. It is worth going for a name brand, to ensure that you get a set that is of a high quality and has been created by a reputable company, to ensure that you receive a true extension, rather than a false or fake, that will fall out after a few weeks or months.

As this article has shown, there are many reasons why mink eyelashes look the way that they do. Although it may not be fair to draw the link between mink fur and false eyelashes, it must be mentioned that some people do wear them, just for the fashion aspect. As the saying goes: you are what you eat, so if your dinner is fatty, then your eyelashes are going to be too! However, false eyelashes are great for blocking out light, enhancing the eyes, and adding length to your eyelashes.

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