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How to Not Gain Weight on Vacation, My Experience

Two years ago I got married. About 8 months prior to the wedding, I did a boot camp and lost 30 pounds. I had a fantastic wedding and I looked amazing in the dress. My new husband and I set off for our honeymoon in Maui. I was thinking how I was going to not gain weight on the trip. I had asked around, and everyone said it was not possible: “You cannot not gain weight on vacation.” Well, I didn’t accept that answer. Four days after the honeymoon, I was within ounces of the weight I was the day of the wedding. Contrary to what people say, it is possible to not gain weight on vacation 펄안마.

The first obstacle was traveling day. You are not allowed to bring any food across borders, so I had to try to get decent food in the airport terminals. There are healthier foods in airports than in the past, but not many. I grabbed water and nuts. In the lounge-yes, bless my husband, we traveled mostly first-class-I found fresh fruits, low-fat yogurt, and granola. That was my first mistake. I am intolerant to dairy, but in choosing between intolerance and higher fat food, I chose intolerance. My body didn’t forgive me. Within a couple of days, I started coughing like I had been smoking for thirty years and I develop a throat ache. After a few more days of dairy, I felt like I was choking. I felt like I had a sinus infection and my body started to feel bad overall. My choice to not gain weight overshadowed my body’s own signals. It was a good example of me not listening to my body’s needs. It was also a perfect example of what I wanted to change about myself with my new plan and my contract: I wanted to start listening to my body’s needs. That was more important than a low-fat yogurt. I shouldn’t force my body to digest something that it can’t, just because I did not want to gain weight.

Back to the plane ride. For the first leg of the trip, we were in economy for a five and a half hour trip. I had brought along a bag of healthy nuts and a banana. I dozed off but in a bad position, and by the time we landed in Los Angeles, I had a neck ache and the beginning of a migraine. My husband and I were also exhausted. On the night of the wedding, we went to sleep at five in the morning. I woke up at nine, unable to go back to sleep. We then had to get up at five in the morning to catch the plane, so I’d slept only nine hours in two nights. In Los Angeles, we had a three-hour layover before our next plane. I was miserable: hungry, tired, neck ache and migraine. We had soup and salad, but I felt so miserable at that point that all I wanted was comfort food. Being tired and sick is a weak point for me: I start to crumble. We made our way to the lounge where I found some Advil and my husband massaged my neck. He knows where my pain is, so he is good at alleviating it, but comfort wasn’t instant. So I turned to my instant comfort: food. They had all kinds of food in the lounge, including cookies and those raisins covered with yogurt (yes, another good move on my part!). I temporarily turned into a cookie monster. I am not proud of that moment. The wait was so annoying. I just wanted to get there, already!

Finally, we got onto the next plane for another five and a half hour trip. But for this leg of the journey, we were flying first-class. The flight attendants were great. I don’t know if it was because we are going to Maui, but everyone was nice, smiling, and relaxed. I felt better, but I was on a slippery slope at this point. I had a nice meal of shrimp, rice, and vegetables and white wine. I also gladly accepted the bread and the warm chocolate cookies. What is the point of being in first-class if you are not going to have those cookies? At this point, my adult self was wondering what happened. I was an alien to myself. Who was this girl? Where was the girl who left home that morning with all the right moves and beliefs? Well, I was exhausted. I think the wedding, the mad rush to lose the weight over the previous eight months, and the stress of not taking a decent vacation from work for almost a year, not to mention the eighteen hours of traveling got to me. It felt like all my good resolutions went out the window. Luckily, two glasses of wine and the great seats eased up my stress and my headache was almost gone by the time we landed in Maui. What could I do but put down an action for myself to work on getting through those hard moments without letting my younger self take over.

I would like to add a side note here. I had a choice to be pissed and upset at my mishaps or let them go, move on, regain my resolve, and enjoy our arrival in Maui. I could either embark on a guilt trip and a worry trip or let everything go and move on. I was good at feeling guilty about my setbacks. I was good at setting huge expectations for myself and when I didn’t follow through, I was harsh with myself. But you cannot control everything. When things don’t go exactly the way you plan, let them go. I learned to let them go and then, when I was in a quiet setting where I could think and write, I’d have a chance to re-evaluate the situation and get back on track.

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