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The Deal Behind On Hold Messaging

The business of customer support is booming. So much in fact that jobs are already fast being outsourced to a growing number of countries. Why wouldn’t it? There are over thousands of different appliances and gadgets out in the market today and a new one is surely being invented and developed as we speak. However, technical support isn’t the only support people need; it is just a small piece of the pie. People need support for practically EVERYTHING nowadays, from banking to online lessons, from online shopping to travel reservations, anything you can think of! People seem to need it so much that they even get their daily encouragement by having someone call them up just for a pep talk. Yes, such a service exists.

Support can be obtained through the Internet via live chat or email, and companies like providing support using these modes of communication since both are relatively cheaper and there is no hold time. Despite this, people still prefer getting support over the phone. Some say this is due to the fact that people feel more assured that their needs will be met if they get to hear the voice of a live person at the other end. Or perhaps because words typed onscreen fail to convey the emotional weight that the person would like to impart? Regardless of the rationale behind it, the preference for phone support will mean more calls for customer support representatives, and we can expect that callers will vastly outnumber support agents who can handle them.

Studies have shown that around 70% of business callers are put on hold. Most people do not like being put on hold for a good reason. Being put on hold means you’ll have to wait, and since you are not 홀덤사이트 told how long you will have to wait, you’ll be unable to step away from the phone, in fear that the support person might terminate your call in case you are unable to answer. Waiting is time not well spent, and a lot of people, especially those who are busy, cannot afford that luxury.

Because of this, putting callers on hold is fast becoming a prevalent practice in the support industry. So much so that companies which specialize in creating custom wait on hold messages have sprung up to cater to the demand. Studies have also shown that 88% of callers prefer messages on hold over silence or radio, which is why almost all companies use some kind of hold message to fill the dead air.

Capitalizing on the fact that the customer’s attention is already fixed once he is on the phone, companies like Wait On Hold have taken the simple on hold message and transformed it into something which can entertain, inform and more importantly, advertise to customers who are put on hold. Since 16 – 20% of callers make purchases based on an on-hold offer, advertising on wait on hold messaging can prove to be a really worthwhile investment.

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