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Creating a Design Concept

When planning your wedding there is an overwhelming abundance of ideas. Should your wedding have a theme, such as; garden party, casino night, roaring 20’s? How many colors should you use 2, 3, 10?

The best way to make sure your wedding is beautiful and tasteful instead of cluttered and in-cohesive, is to develop a design concept for your wedding. Your wedding coordinator or designer will sit down with you to find out your likes and dislikes. Tearing out your most, and least favorite images from bridal magazines can be helpful here.

Your design concept should include pictures of:

  • Flowers (for color and specific bloom)
  • Lighting (bright or dim, colored or natural)
  • Setting (in-or outdoors, tent or ballroom)
  • Bridal party (dress length, formality, color, texture)
  • Items that you love (Candle holders, centerpieces, chairs, linens) things you have found that inspire you.
  • Food (if you have specific ideas for displays, or certain foods that would be decorative)
  • Cake (for color, style, texture, shape)
  • Your gown (If you have already purchased it) and wedding gown hong kong you can keep the concept hidden from your future hubby!
  • Tip: If you find a pic of something you love but the color is wrong, scan it to your computer and print it out in black and white

When you have gathered all of these images together it becomes easier to see what really belongs together and to weed out anything that just doesn’t fit! Your design concept is a great tool to bring along when meeting with vendors. Getting everyone involved to see the vision you have for your wedding is the key to making it come true!

Check back soon for more design advice and inspiration!

Happy planning,

Berit Berndes Raymer

Berndes Weddings by Design

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