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Toe Fungus Treatments – The Top 5 Toe Fungus Treatments Available Today

There are tons of toe fungus treatments available, it can range from home made remedies to prescribed drugs. It just depends what you want to use, homemade remedies may or may not work, while some prescribed drugs have side effects.

But in my books, prevention is the best toe fungus treatment. One must be careful and avoid sharing nail clippers, walking with bare feet in public showers, and wearing tight shoes. If you notice that you have been infected, you need to treat the toe fungus immediately. I have listed a few toe fungus treatments that have some good results.

The top 5 Toe Fungus Treatments Available Today

1. Prescribed Medicines: Most of the time people prefer a medicine prescribed by a doctor, There are 3 approved toe fungus treatments buy the FDA which are terbinafine, itraconazole, and griseofulvin. But be warned that extended usage of these drugs can cause damage to the heart Fungus Clear and liver which can lead to death.

2. Epsome Salt – This is a simple and natural toe fungus treatment, This might be a slow process but it is quite effective, you just have to dissolve Epsom salt in your foot bath and soak your feet in it, try doing this every day. Patients have said that this works but it takes some time so you can try it out.

3. Zeta Clear – This is another toe fungus treatment used by many. Zeta Clear is well formulated with tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lavender oils which have antifungal properties, This product does not have any side effect unlike other medication and it is a simple application like nail polish.

4. Vicks – This may sound funny but Vicks Vapour rub is a very good for toe fungus treatment but this still is not a 100% cure, and you might get the nail fungus if you stop it.

5. Vinegar – I have very often been recommended vinegar at a toe fungus treatment. Buy putting vinegar in your foot bath and soaking you feet is a good toe fungus treatment. The only thing here is like Epsom salt this treatment has got mixed results, this has not really worked for me but many have reported that this works, so it worth giving it a try.

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