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Prepare For Success Through Acceptance of Failure

It is impossible to lead yourself to true, lasting change without first knowing where you stand in the war against your failure. Knowing yourself is the first step in preparing to defeat your negatives.

Painting by Numbers for Self-Growth

You may suffer defeat many times in your quest to remedy yourself of negative traits.

If positive change was easy, everyone would be doing it. There is no instruction booklet as we all have different views of our world. Different positions in life.

Because no one’s situation is alike, there are no cookie cutter recipes to work magic.

Once you’ve embarked upon the path of self-discovery and change, you’ll cross breezy articles and simpleton literature designed to provide an elementary passage to self-growth.

This is fine for some interesting reading, but it won’t leave a lasting impression or give any food for sustenance to feed rebirth.

Changing the way you think, feel, and see the world is not an ordinary task. It isn’t something you could expect to accomplish in a month. It is, in respect to yourself, a lifelong process of growth. It begins with revolution against the evils which aspire to bring you down.

Change takes time. There are phases one must pass to achieve the lasting results desired.

In life, habits are formed which will take your will to the brink of it’s limits to erase.

Prisoner of Oppression

Going to war against your faulty traits will be a battle to the death. Death of your negative traits, or wilting of your being.

Consider a starting point a declaration of your freedom. Make a decision, stand up to your captors and strike through the face of fear they invoke.

Your traits cannot physically hurt you, but this is what they’ll have you believe. They are strong, based in habit and belief. But they are never as strong as your will.

In the article entitled The Traits That Define Life, found here on Articlesbase, the four primary traits discussed were Fear, Ignorance, Complacency and Indecisiveness. These traits can be referred to as primal traits. This would be a wise place to begin as attacking them weakens your negatives at the source. You’ll find that as you make progress with these traits, negative secondary traits will begin to dissolve around them.

Your primal negatives stand directly outside imprisoned bars but what they don’t know is that you’re holding the key to exit.

Now is the time to make your escape. However, you should know, they won’t allow you to simply walk or pull out your mental machine gun and Rambo away. You’re going to get hit on the way out.

Are you Prepared to Change?

Several methods exist to ignite the flame Px7 primal flow of motivation inside you.

Know that going with the flow of life is not really what you want as that involves you, a toilet and flushing your life down it.

Consider that allowing your fears and indecisiveness to blow you like a leaf in the wind is no way to live life. If you were born as a dog or monkey this would allow you that choice. But if you’re reading this, well, you’d be a very smart monkey.

As a human, you have responsibilities to uphold whether denial exists or not.

You have a responsibility to your soul to feed your energy with love for self, passion for your gifts, dreams and expectations to physical manifestation.

You have a responsibility to yourself to grow rather than wilt.

You have a responsibility to your family. Leading by example for the sake of your husbands, wives and children.

You have a responsibility to our human race. Exercise your freedom to make the world a better place and further the advancement of our species.

Your ancestors suffered greatly so that you are here today. They didn’t know it, but they gave their lives to give you yours. You will turn your back on them and the rest of the world to live out a meaningless existence?

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