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Different Software Used in the Execution of Pre-Construction Engineering Services

In modern times the actual construction process completely depends upon the pre-construction Engineering Services. And the fact remains that none of these services can be executed without the use of the latest software’s that have all the necessary tools and features important for project execution. These pre-construction Engineering Services became prominent only in the last few decades because of the rapid growth in technology. It is not only the Architectural, Engineering and the Construction industry, which is making the use of technology to enhance its productivity, but same is the scenario with every other industry in the world.

The pre-construction engineering services include CAD Design and Drafting Services, that include architectural, structural and MEP CAD drafting services. Apart from it there are BIM Modeling and Rendering Services, along with Clash Detection and Coordination Services. So it is important that relevant software should be used in the execution of these services.

The important software’s that are largely used in the execution of these services are listed below.
The purpose of using AutoCAD: Since Drafting is executed at the very beginning, let us start with the description of AutoCAD which is largely used for it. In other words AutoCAD is largely used in the execution of the drafting services. Drafting is nothing but the process of generating the drawings with the assistance of AutoCAD. These drawings are also called CAD drawings or drafting documents. The significance of these drawings is huge because they are used for multiple purposes. They are used by the BIM modelers to develop the 3D models and are also referred by the architects and engineers in the actual construction process.

Revit is another important software: The next comes modeling services and the software which is used in the execution 搭棚工程 of these services is Revit. Revit can be used in architectural, structural and MEP modeling services. The modeler has to be conversant with the uses of Revit. The software is especially developed for the purpose of creating 3D models and hence is equipped with the appropriate tools and features necessary for this. The drafting documents are used as the basic inputs by the modelers to develop the architectural, structural and the MEP models.

Navisworks is used in clash detection and coordination: Navisworks is again an important software that is implemented in the execution of the clash detection and coordination services. Apart from clash detection and coordination it is also used for generating 4D simulations of the construction process.

3ds Max: It is a rendering software used in the execution of the rendering services. With the assistance of 3ds Max an architectural model is given a photo-realistic touch.

So it is clear from the above description that none of the pre-construction engineering services can be executed without the assistance of software.


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