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Unique and Effective Advertising Strategies Through Printed Toilet Paper

Competing against big businesses in the market can be a struggle for most small companies that do not have enough resources to utilize tri-media advertising (via television, radio, and print). In order to find an edge against their competitors, they can invest in below the line strategies such as advertising through printed toilet paper.

Companies usually shun the idea of placing their ads on toilet rolls due to the negative connotation that it might carry. Looking beyond the stigma, toilet roll advertising can be an effective means for small companies to stand out, reach focused target markets, and reduce costs that can help them achieve success in the market.

In contrast to established tri-media advertising, using printed toilet paper can be a unique way to attract customers. This unusual strategy can give companies greater visibility among competitors that still utilize radio, TV, and print media to advertise their products and services. Advertisements and coupons on toilet rolls can grab the curiosity of bathroom users and create a buzz among those who have seen or heard about it.

Moreover, tissue paper advertising can help companies reach their focused target markets more effectively. Companies can do 乾手機公司 this by placing their toilet roll ads in locations where their target consumers frequently go to, such as bars, malls, movie theatres, and schools. Adding coupons on the toilet paper can also help attract new customers in these locations.

Finally, using printed toilet rolls is a cost-effective alternative to the use of tri-media advertising. Placing ads on toilet rolls only costs about half a cent for each, and the price to have 20,000 advertisements printed will only cost less then $100. With a bargain such as this, companies can effectively reach out to their target audience and spend less.

Public venues can also benefit from toilet paper advertising because they do not have to spend as much on bathroom tissue supplies as they would normally do. Instead, they can get their toilet rolls for free because of the revenues that come from advertisers who advertise on toilet rolls

Pursuing out-of-the-box advertising ideas can help small companies gain an edge in the market. By placing their advertisements and coupons on toilet paper, they can have a better chance of standing out among their competitors, reaching their target audience more effectively, as well as cutting down on marketing costs – thus ensuring them future success in their business.

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