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Expert Product Photography Tips for the DIY Enthusiast

Product photography is the art of photographing a product on its own against a plain background. A plain background helps to remove distractions from the product. However, while photography of this type does seem to be straight forward enough in reality it is not. Product photography is fun if you want to sell a few personal items on eBay and getting it right means that you sell far more products than you otherwise would. But when it comes to selling commercial products this type of commercial photography requires a lot more knowledge, skill and experience. Below are a few tips which should help you spice up images of the various products you sell online.

The right area

The most basic yet important part of product photography is the area. If you have plainly colored walls you can simply push a table against the wall, put a card on the table and place your product on it. Ideally, the card should cover part of the wall and have no creases. This will help to create a seamless white background.

Lighting setup

The next thing you need to do is to light up your product properly. The most basic is a two light setup which is way better than having to rely on natural sunlight. Large strobes, speed lights, and hot lamps fotografia de producto are a few things you should have. However, if you don’t two white light lamps can be used on either since of the product. Make sure that the lighting is diffused so that you do not ruin the shot with harsh shadows which take attention away from the product. A reflector, softbox, shoot umbrella and reflective umbrella can be used to defuse the light.

Take numerous shots

It is advised that you take more than one shot from various angles of your product. Close-up shots and a few shots from some distance should help add variety. You should also change the position of the product and adjust the camera’s position slightly to capture more variety.


Depending on what you’re selling i.e..the product type and size you can use a macro lens which helps take more detailed shots. The beauty of macro lenses is that they are able to focus closely on the product from a distance and ensure minimum sharpness. Most people who sell personal items on eBay will benefit from investing in a macro lens.

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