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Wanted: Nurses

Being healthy is important to be able to perform our duties and responsibilities well. As the every task is performed, we sometimes suffer form stress and discomfort that makes our body weak and sick. In connection with this, we need to be taken cared of. Nurses are those one responsible for the job. As the number of sick people continues to boom each day, nursing services decreases due to lack of nurses available. Therefore several health institutions are in need of nurses badly.

The continuous demand for nurses consists of several factors like demography and economy. The most in demand persons in the health industry nowadays include registered nurses, nurse assistants, licensed practical nurses and medical assistants.

From the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated increase of 23% is noted for the employment of registered nurses from 2006 until 2016. Moreover, the breakdown consist of

34% – outpatient centers

33% – employment services

25% – doctor’s offices

23% – general health care facilities

23% – nursing care facilities

23% – home health care services

Searching for nurses nowadays is quite an easy thing with the help of the internet. There are certain websites that posts advertisements when searching a qualified nurse. There are also that recruit specialized nursing job. Anything you need will be provided when utilizing the technology that provides much information- the World Wide Web.

Nurses’ Stations

Duties of the nurses are classified based on their working place and the specific task they perform. This includes patients’ care, patients’ recovery, medical examination, diagnosis, and medical 陪診 operation assistant.

The most common working place of a nurse is the hospital. They are under the supervision of the head nurse or the doctors. Their duties and responsibilities are based on the department they are assigned to. The following are examples of department which nurses are assigned to render their service: Intensive Care Unit (ICU), operating room, Ward (children, women, men), Recovery room, and Emergency room. Their schedule is often in the form of rotation therefore most of the nurses are skilled in performing the necessary task for each department.

There is also a case that only a specific task is assigned to a nurse due to its specialization. This nurse is assigned to a specific department and does not participate in the rotation schedule. However, their salary is not as much of those nurses who are well rounded and can perform tasks in different department. They are usually of high demands nowadays.

Office nurses are the ones that are assigned in a public health centers or clinic. They are responsible for the health needs of the community. They also offer several seminars to the public in order for them to be aware of the proper means of taking care of the body as well as good family health nourishment.

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