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How to Pick the Best Bowling Ball

How do you find the best bowling ball for you? There are so many types of bowling balls with varying weights, colors and manufacturers. Which is the best ball for you? There are certain things than you can do to lessen the frustration of finding your perfect bowling ball. Probably the simplest way is to visit your local bowling pro shop. A pro shop should be able of giving accurate recommendations on choosing the most suitable balls.

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You can also try the web sites of bowling ball manufacturers. These sites can provide you with information regarding the specifics of the bowling products they make. The sites provide an in depth analysis of reactions and characteristics of bowling balls and with luck there may be videos available that show the balls in action 파워볼게임.

Did you know that it is best to have two bowling balls instead of one? One ball is used for dry lanes while the second is for oily lanes. You should also consider investing in a “strike ball” with a lot of hook potential and power, and a “spare ball” that is able to barrel straight down the bowling lane. Also, do not forget that choosing a ball of the proper weight is imperative! Too heavy and you won’t be able to hold it well and if it is to light you might end up throwing the ball! A proper bowling ball also fits your fingers well. Some bowlers will have their finger holes custom drilled to fit their hands.

It is necessary to choose a ball based on its needed features and not quirky things such as buying a ball that can glow in the dark. The quality and material of the bowling ball should also be a deciding factor. For example, polyester balls are generally the least expensive of all bowling balls. These balls are extremely durable, which can be attributed to the composition of the plastic and the hard low friction nature of the polyester surface.

Polyester bowling balls are probably the best choice for the beginning and casual bowler. These balls also have a tendency to skid, and roll straight with very little hook in them, and are usually best on dry lanes. Serious bowlers may find the “urethane balls” as a budget conscious option. Urethane balls have softer cover stocks that give them better hook potential. Urethane bowling balls can also be polished or sanded to increase or decrease the balls hook potential. “Reactive resin balls” are best for the more advanced bowler, and are capable of giving optimal performance on most bowling lane conditions. Resin balls are sticky or tacky, which increases the balls grip on the bowling lane. These balls have the greatest hook potential, and skid on oily lanes, while hooking on dry ones.

“Particle bowling balls” are considered the best for advanced bowlers that want power in their bowling ball. The balls are nothing more then resin balls that have been enhanced with glass and ceramics. The texture of particle balls gives them incredible grip, sharper hooks, and overall greater power. Most professional bowlers use particle bowling balls, because they are the most controllable in terms of hook and spin. Normally, the heavier the ball, the greater the pin reaction. Lighter balls may leave splits that are hard to pick up, but this should not deter you from buying a lighter ball, which may be best in your situation. The bottom line: You should always choose a bowling ball that you are comfortable with, and that fits your skill and style.

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