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A Guide to Cleaning When Moving House

When you prepare to move into your new home, you will need to make sure you have a moving house cleaning plan in place for both your old and new residence. The plan should consist of cleaning activities for each room of the house so that you can ensure that any dust and dirt are properly washed away so that you can enjoy your new home.

The Kitchen

High on the list of your moving house cleaning plan, should be cleaning the kitchen. Considering all the food preparation and cooking that gets done, it is essential to disinfect every surface. It’s 搬運公司 also worth cleaning the cupboards and cabinets of any marks that may have been caused by cans and other sharp objects.

You should also thoroughly clean all appliances, particularly the refrigerator and microwave – preferably before you move in. The chances of cleaning it after you’ve moved in to your new home are slim considering it’s likely you would be exhausted from all the unpacking and storing.

The Bathroom and Toilet

Next on your cleaning list should be to focus on the bathroom and toilet. Disinfect and clean every surface as you did with the kitchen, and take special care to clean the floors. Check inside closets and cabinets to ensure that everything has been removed, and clean the walls if necessary. Once done, tick it off your moving house cleaning plan.

The Bedrooms

If the bedroom floors are carpeted at your old address and you were living there on a lease, you may be contractually obligated to have them steam cleaned. Chances are you will need to show proof of cleaning to the landlord or their real estate agent. So hiring a professional carpet cleaning service would be essential.

Apart from that, make note in your moving house cleaning plan to also scrub the walls of any scuff marks as well as any built-in-wardrobes, if the bedrooms have them.

The Living Areas

In the living areas, make sure to clean all the floors thoroughly and hire a professional domestic cleaning service if necessary. You can then focus on the walls and the fireplace (if you have one). After these areas have been cleaned, you can look at any small crevices where dirt may have become trapped.

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