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Use Erotic Massages to Make Every Date an Instant Success

Gentleman, start her engine

As an athlete I get massages to soothe sore, tired muscles all the time. Massages not only soothes muscles, it also soothes the mind, causing you to relax–much like meditation. But with a slight change in technique, you can turn regular massages into erotic massages. This type of massage can be used to turn on any woman. Even if it’s just for a single night, the women you give these erotic, full-body massages to will be mentally connected to you. Hence, making orgasms an easier objective.

Here is why you should learn how to give erotic massages

An erotic massage is an excellent seduction technique. I have learned how to become a good masseur and because of this I have the ability to turn almost any date into an instant success. Everytime I massage the women I’m with we usually end up having unforgettable sex. It seems as if women get ultra-sensitive to the touch after an erotic massage; everything is heightened–from her emotions to her body sensitivity.

Being patient pays off

You must be patient when dealing with women. Massages go hand in hand with the way a woman’s mind and body operates: they both should be worked slowly and with care. Since women can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes to get fully aroused, a massage is the perfect way to get her “juices” flowing.

Just imagine starting off with a harmless massage: “You mind if I give you a foot massage, Ruby?” then gradually moving into an erotic massage. You will be having super hot sex with her by the time you’re halfway through your routine because she will be so aroused. Sounds great doesn’t it?


Before you move from a regular massage to an erotic massage, ask her if it’s ok. Usually she will say yes if she is into you. But if you are not sure if you should transition into an erotic massage, stop 自慰杯 and then ask her if it’s all right to touch here or there to avoid any embarrassing and awkward moments.

Improving your massage technique

You must add erotic massaging to your “woman pleaser” repertoire if your goal is to seduce and satisfy women. Now to work on your technique you are going to need some help from the professionals. What you can do is pick up a couple of dirt-cheap books on and learn the basics of erotic massages. I actually make recommendations on my site.

Some massaging tips for beginners

Always be prepared…

If you are planning a massage please be sure you can go through your entire routine uninterrupted. No phone calls or similar types of disturbances. Assure yourself that you will have at least an hour of free time (maybe more because sex usually follows erotic massages).

Be prepared before giving a massage. Set the perfect atmosphere by making sure the room is warm and some pleasant music (i.e. Sade) is playing in the background. If you are going to play music, make sure you use a CD and have it programmed to repeat disc(s) so that it plays right through without stopping. Once again it’s about rhythm… there nothing worst than having to reach over and change the song or station.

When you have everything set up nicely she will see that you are a romantic man who puts a lot thought into pleasing a woman. That’s more than she can say about any other man she has been with, I bet.

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