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Water Car Engine – Is This Reality Or Fantasy? The Conversion Concept Explained

The water car engine. Is this a scam concept or is it a reality? Find out in this article why and how thousands of drivers are converting their cars every day to run on water.

Not 100% Water

A lot of people immediately think that you cannot run your car on water because it sounds so nonsensical. What you must first understand is that you are not pouring water into your gas tank! That would of course lead to failure.

Secondly, you are not running your car 100% on water. You still need gas. The best way to think of the water car miniature engine kit engine is as a hybrid type engine.

How Can Water Be Used As A Fuel?

The heart of any conversion is the HHO generator. This looks like a large jar that sits under the hood. Electrodes are placed in the solution of water plus bicarbonate of soda.

When electricity is passed through the water, HHO gas is produced. This is a combustible gas in the same way that your original fuel-air mixture also is.

The difference here is that your car cannot run on HHO gas alone, but if you mix it with your existing fuel-air mixture found in any current engine, then the new mixture will burn well and run your car.

But Why Would You Want To Add HHO Gas To Your Engine?

The reason is simple. By doing this you don’t need to burn as much gas for each complete cycle of your engine. Some of the gas has effectively been replaced by water.

This means that on a per mile basis, you are using less gas. Therefore you are getting better mileage.

Even More Benefits

There are even more benefits other than better mileage. The operating temperature of your engine is reduced and therefore has a longer lifespan than a typical engine.

You can also experience more power in a water gas hybrid car like this.

How Do You Get A Water Car Engine?

The life cycle from designs to production is around 4 years for modern cars. The manufacturers won’t have a ready made water/gas hybrid for at least 4 years.

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