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Tips to Get a Bad Credit Loan

There are many, many people who have bad credit – possibly damaged by job loss, divorce, illness, or other reasons. You may be among them and if so you probably have experienced a lot of rejection at the corner bank in your hometown. Stuffy old bankers at traditional lending institutions will not take a risk on you, especially in the economic downturn that the world is going through right now. But there are special online lenders who have weathered the storm and are willing to give you a chance to show the world that you can be a responsible borrower, and they have set up special websites to make the application process for your bad credit loan go smoothly with little hassle.


You may need a bad credit loan for many reasons – to buy a car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, or other vehicle, or perhaps you need a bad credit personal loan to meet holiday expenses, moving expenses, and more. You can apply for these types of bad credit loans and more online and oftentimes be approved in a matter of minutes.

Friendly Online Lenders

To apply for your bad credit loan, visit the lenders website. Typically lenders of these types of loans will offer many options, such as automobile, personal, education, and others. You will fill out a brief online application that asks you to provide general information about your financial and employment situations. Once approved, you can usually have your money electronically deposited into your checking or savings account within just a few hours!

Apply With Cosigner Or Provide Collateral

Although online lenders historically have the best approval rates in the industry due to online competition between loan sources, you can greatly improve your chances of being approved by applying for your online bad credit loan with a creditworthy cosigner who has good credit and will stand good for the debt should you default on your future loan payments. You might ask a relative, friend, or co-worker to sign your loan application with you as a cosigner. Additionally, many lenders offer to release your cosigner from any obligation after just six months or more of good payment history on your behalf.

If you do not have a cosigner for your bad credit loan, consider putting up a piece of real property to secure the loan – this will make the bank more interested in loaning you funds. Real property held in security to back up your bad credit loan is known as collateral. Collateral can be your home or other property that you own, your car, boat, RV or any real property that you own and have proof of ownership that you can furnish to the lending institution. Remember that your lender can seize any collateral that you have listed to secure the loan should you fail to maintain the terms of your loan agreement.

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