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Easy Home Improvement Projects – Improve the Beauty of Your Home Overnight

So, this was the scenario: it was Thanksgiving and Libby was hosting a dinner party. Somewhere between basting, baking and worrying about what time her guests would arrive (hopefully, after she finished cooking); she realized that she had overlooked one crucial matter: the matter of making her house presentable. With only half a day to make her home “party-perfect”, what’s a host to do?

40 Home Improvement Ideas for Those On A Budget

Hosting a party tomorrow night? Inviting an important guest you need to impress? Well, fret no more, here are three fool-proof, tried and tested easy home improvement projects that will leave your guests with nothing but good things about your home.

1. Light it up.

Lamps, lanterns, Christmas lights, candles – all these things add a touch of whimsy and romance to any room. Good lighting makes even the most ordinary space look prettier, because of the play of brightness and shadows it presents to the eye. It is a proven fact that candlelight enhances the features of the human face, so don’t forget to stock up on that. And just a friendly reminder HomesFornh: stay away from white, fluorescent light. It does the opposite for your features.

2. The Art of Covering.

When you haven’t got time for major improvements, know this: what you can’t change, you can cover. So, go and buy new pillow cases and slip-covers for your sofas and chairs or get new bathroom rugs for your powder closet. Sometimes, even changing the hand towels in the kitchen or the bathroom makes a whole lot of difference.

3. Say “Bouquets”

Flowers are pretty and bright. So, spread them all around your house! You can never have enough of these buds. Just make sure you choose and arrange them carefully. You wouldn’t want your living room to look like a funeral parlor.

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