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Executive Resume Services Can Help You Land That 6-Figure Job

With executive resume services you can out-shine several competitors in the job market. If you are looking for more than just a job, executive resume services can land you that dream 6-figure career.

The business world is always changing and new technology is always emerging. As companies begin using this new technology, it will be important for you to incorporate the technology into your resume and job search. If you want to distinguish yourself to employers, a video resume is a must. You don’t want to be one of the best executives out there, and find yourself unemployed, because you did not embrace the technological changes that companies are beginning to accept and expect. An executive resume services firm can not only help you put your accomplishments and experiences on paper, they can help you get that online edge over you job search competitors. They will help you design your resume in such a way that you can present the best information to show that you are the most qualified candidate for the position.

There are four outlets in which the executive resume video can help you land that 6-figure career.

LinkedIn is one of the most essential networks for an online job search. As far as finding a new job goes, this should already be your stop. Embracing LinkedIn, verses running scared, is the first step towards excelling by using social media networking.

LinkedIn is the number one place for connecting with, the people who matter, and will be the first place the executive resume services will have you go. Here you can connect with colleagues, co-workers, employers, industry leaders in your target industry, and most importantly, hiring managers. This is where you need to post your optimized, well-written resume. LinkedIn has become a more personal way, reliable, and effective way for employers and candidates to network, job post, and refer.

Next we need to make sure you have a video resume. If this sounds unusual to you, you’re not alone. However, you may soon be. Video resumes are becoming the new way for job candidates, especially in the creative industries, to make a positive impression on hiring managers. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo are now becoming common places to view qualified candidates resumes, highlighting an individuals qualities, and a well-equipped video services firm can help you put your video resume together.

A video resume firm can also help you find the best keywords to use on your resume. A lot of HR professionals use candidate screening software that look for specific keywords related to the job. If your resume doesn’t have those keywords, the software will kick your resume out of the candidate pool without ever being seen by human eyes. The resume professional will be able to help you get your resume through the software process, so it is actually seen by a real person.

The first 10 seconds a person sees your resume is the most crucial. According to industry research, most HR professionals can only spend 10 seconds skimming a resume. Not only is this a reason why you need a one-page resume, it’s the most important reason why your resume should be a single page of career awesomeness. The role of the resume is to get you an interview, not get you a job. The executive resume services firm knows how to write the resume that will catch the HR professional’s eye and get you that phone call for the interview.

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