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Four Tips To Help Children Cope With Examination

Most children can cope with examination. However, some children find it more challenging to cope with examination. Some children may show anxious behaviors, like cannot fall asleep at night, lack of concentration during daytime, like to cry near the examination period. If parents identify some signs that their children are worrying about the examination, you may try the following ways to help them:

1) Find out the worry

Parents may find out the source of worry by talking to their children. Are the parents or teachers having high expectation on the children? Is the child having a high expectation on himself or herself? What does a child feel about the examination? What is the child’s belief of the examination? Is the child scared of failure? Is the child doing his or her best to prepare for the examination?

2) Share feelings

A little stress may be helpful to motivate the child to excel. However, if the child feels overwhelmed, he or she needs to get support from parents or teacher. I suggest the teachers or parents give listening ears to their concern and worry. The child is in need of someone to support and understanding their feelings (for example fear, worry and anxiety). We encourage the child talk about his or her feelings. They can cope better by sharing about it with the empathic support from parents and teachers lam bang gia.

3) Distraction Techniques

When the child is anxious, he or she can take a break and do something they like most. For example, he or she may read a story book, listen to music, play with toys, exercise or go out for a walk to distract him or her from the worry. It is helpful to help your child to identify his or her coping ways when he or she faces stress because of examination.

4) Breathing Exercise

Parents may teach the children some relaxation exercise – breathing exercise- to cope with the anxiety towards examination. They may teach their children to breathe in and out for relaxation when they are worried. It is just like blowing a balloon. This is an effective exercise for them to cope with anxiety.

In conclusion, parents need to help children find out the source of anxiety and let them share their feelings. Parents can equip them with coping skills e.g. distraction techniques and breathing exercise. Some children may need to refer to counselor for counseling to help them cope better with examination. If there is a need for a referral for counseling, parents need to discuss with teacher about it.

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