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A Brief Overview of Aerial Work Platforms

An aerial work platform truck, also called an aerial lift platform, cherry picker, crane lift truck, fixed-wing aircraft, mobile elevator or mobile platform and mobile aerial work platform is a temporary mechanical device used to offer quick, temporary access to personnel or materials, usually in low height. It is used on commercial constructions, earthworks, bridges, skyscrapers, airports, power plants, mining, construction sites, mining dredges, oil rigs and processing plants, etc. The lifts can be used for moving material vertically, horizontally or inclined and the choice of mode of operation depends on the type of work. The lifts are made from various materials including wood, aluminum and steel. Usually they are constructed out of high quality galvanized or painted aluminum and steel with welded or powder coated finishes.

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Aerial lifts have many variants such as straight, curved or Y-shaped. The straight ones are suitable for short to medium height applications and the curved ones are suitable for long-height applications. The Y-shaped variant is especially used for lifting shallow objects, embankment work and for access control. The cherry picker and crane lifts are versatile because they are also suitable for moving personnel from one floor to another.

There are different varieties of aerial work platforms such as straight, curved and Y-shaped. The straight ones are capable of sustaining the weight up to 400 tons. They are usually powered either by gasoline engines or diesel engines xe nang dau 3 tan. The curved ones have powerful motors that are able to lift heavier loads.

The Y-shaped platform trucks feature a straight shaft that connects the platform to the truck at the base. The truck is equipped with two hydraulic systems: one for raising the lift and the other for lowering the platform. These lifts are usually used for light to medium height applications. On the other hand, the cherry picker has a larger lifting capacity and can be used for carrying heavier loads.

Aerial lifts and platforms differ in size depending on the application. Vertical lifts are ideal for applications where the truck will be elevated high above the ground and the platform will be fitted in the truck. However, they are not used in applications where the truck will be operating in a horizontal position. The trucks are attached to the platform on hinges that enable the lift to be operated vertically or horizontally. For this reason, these lifts are more costly and take longer to install than their horizontal counterparts.

As far as the safety concerns are concerned, both aerial work platforms and cherry pickers are safe to use. Aerial work platforms are typically stable and are designed to withstand the weight that is equal to or higher than its maximum capacity. The truck can move vertically to carry heavier loads while the platform does not need much space to place it on. They do not experience significant vibrations which means that there is less risk of accidents.

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