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The Body Language of Attraction

There are different nonverbal cues that people can give to each other to show their romantic interest. These body language signs are especially important when it comes to suggesting a feeling of romance. Many of these signs are ones of attraction or a desire to be closer to someone. These signs can become especially intense in stronger relationships.

General relaxed postures are important signs of romance. A relaxed posture that includes uncrossed arms and direct eye contact with the person of interest is always a good sign of romance. When a man meets a woman during a date he can show signs of romantic feelings by not looking tense and by keeping good eye contact with his date.

A good sign of romance is that of a sideways glance in one’s eyes. This type of glance is one that features one’s eyes being directed towards one’s side. This is a sign that suggests a desire to flirt without being too specific about it. This is known as a classy sign of romance.

The wink is a part of body language that is especially suggestive of romance. A wink can imply a desire to get to know someone better. For instance, when a woman winks at a man she is suggesting that she really likes him. This is generally used in informal situations though. Don’t forget that in many cases people can wink at each other as a sign of greeting or even as a symbol of a personal message directed towards each other Language of desire.

Many people will accentuate certain body parts as a means of suggesting romance. For men the arms or legs will be suggested if they are muscular enough. For women the breasts and legs will generally be used. This is used primarily in informal places where etiquette is not a concern.

Some people do spread their legs outward to suggest an interest in a person’s crotch area as a means of suggesting sexual activity. This part of body language can be just as much of a turnoff as it is a turn on for certain people.

Certain things can be done with the hair with regards to body language. When a person tosses one’s head or brushing one’s hair it can be a suggestion that a person is looking for love and that the person is simply trying to look good for another person. This is commonly done by women in a variety of different conditions including in nightclubs.

Touching is the last of the things that can be used as a sign of body language. It is important to know in this part of body language that as people become more interested in each other touching can become more sensual in its feel. For instance, in a new romantic relationship touching can essentially come in the form of slight brushes with each other but as the relationship gets deeper it can result in the prolonged touching of the arms.

These body language signs of romance are ones that are especially unique. These signs can involve the face and head but other parts of the body, particularly the breasts for women and muscular limbs for men, can be used in body language too. Touching can also be involved. Some of these signs may be signs that may be appropriate only in informal situations though.

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