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Beware of SEO Companies That Take Your Money and Do Little Else

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies help improve your site and save time, but could also be responsible for the risk of damaging your reputation and your site if you don’t carefully choose one. Research before you hire. The SEO companies not only provide structure and content review of your site, but also give advice about the technical aspect of web development, they help with content development and help handle the business development campaign online. They assist with keyword research, impart SEO training and give their expertise in specific geographies and markets.

All Google search result pages are paid advertisements or organic search results. This means that by being a part of the Google search engine your site’s presence is not enhanced,it does not have any effect, this is made quite clear by Google. In fact, Google strongly recommends that you educate yourself by checking out Google Webmaster Guidelines and Google 101: How Google crawls, indexed and serves the web before you use their search engine to look for a SEO. The sources are always free.

If you are planning to set up a new site or redesign an existing one, hire a SEO. They help improve sites. When interacting with them ask the SEO to show examples of past work or share success stories. Check to see are they following the Google Webmaster Guidelines and do they offer advice or any online marketing services to complement the organic search business. Question them about the expected results and it’s timeframe. Check their experience in your particular kind of industry, city or country 谷歌seo公司.

Take a look at the development of their international sites, if they have done so. Check their top SEO techniques, and check for their revelant experience in this business. Ask them how they will communicate all site changes. Insist on their providing details, recommendations and reasons behind the changes. Never open mail or emails that come from web consultants and SEO firms our of nowhere. SEO company’s cannot guarantee the #1 ranking on any site engine, be careful of those who say they can. Be cautious of SEO companies that do not clearly explain their intentions and act secretive.

Any scheme that suggests ant link popularity and free-for-all links offered by SEO companies are a useful excuse. Don’t bother. Research thoroughly in to the SEO company’s background before the hire. Question and understand where the money is going. All SEO companies that own shadow domains and doorway pages must be avoided. This indicates a rogue SEO. Other signs that tell a tale are their offer to sell keywords for the address bar, not being able to distinguish between search result page ads and the real search results, and if they use obscure, long keyword phrases and guarantee the #1 ranking.

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