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Video Streaming – Turn in Your Bulletin

A nineteen year-old college student named Ryan stands both behind and in front of the camera in a creative venture known as a video bulletin.

Ryan wanted to use his creativity to do something unique for his church. The result often finds him in a cape or displaying a variety of opportunities within his church like small group studies, mission’s trips, youth group activities or children’s services.

Parishioners look forward to what Ryan will come up with next. In fact, the demand for his efforts have grown so much that the video bulletin is placed on the popular YouTube site and is downloaded by many who attend his church along with many who simply enjoy his impressions of the Blues Brothers, Garth and Wayne or possibly a reenactment of a Japanese martial arts film.

Video streaming is often used by churches to present their weekend messages to those who visit their site, but creative people like Ryan are finding unique ways to make a visual impact in a way previously untapped.

Ryan spends more than six hours each week scripting, filming, editing and adding sound effects to a feature that generally Streaming Gratuit lasts around five minutes, yet some in his congregation indicate this is one of the features they most enjoy in the service.

Other churches are finding ways to make an impact by providing video streams of their drama productions for anyone to enjoy.

Churches across the world are beginning to see opportunity in technology. The growth of video as an accessible medium online has allowed churches like the one Ryan attends to find value in allowing a sought after video stream to be available even when the church doors aren’t open.

While this article has been speaking about churches and their use of the medium, it is an encouragement to businesses to consider the use of video streaming. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but the more fun you have with your video the more fun your viewers will have.

Video streams have proven over and over to be a strong calling card to Internet users. More and more entertainment choices are available in video streaming and deals are continuously inked to provide new content for web users.

If you are looking for traffic building opportunities, you might even consider visiting an existing video streaming site and pasting code to a popular video that is in concert with your site and make it available on your site for visitors.

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